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  • What do you know about games?

    I need to find a few people who have a lot of diverse knowledge about games. What I specifically need is a few people to help me find games which relate to stories in the magazine. For example, if we have an article on U-boats, I just need someone who can help me come up with 4 or 5 submarine/u-boat games (board and PC versions). Or, it might be Normandy '44. Or anything else in military history.

    This won't take much of your time, just have to do this once every 2 months or so. However, I need to find enough guys so we can cover all of history.
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    "Submarine" from AH and "Wolfpack" from SPI were sub games. They are both old boardgames. Wolfpack was a solitare game if memory serves.
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      And on the computerside the top picks would be:
      1. Siltent Hunter III
      2. Dangerous Waters
      3. Sub Command

      But there are alot of free sims out there, how about this Web based Civil war subsim?

      Or a more modern and more well developed take on modern naval warfare with Global Conflict Blue (GCB) an opern source project that looks very promising.

      To sum it up, I would gladly help you out, just PM a topic and I can mail you a complete list of past, present and future of just about any wargame related genre.
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        Brian just ask your needed inquiries in the clear, I doubt a full day will go past before you get several good replies.
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