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Battlestations: Midway

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  • Battlestations: Midway

    Just heard about this game by Eidos, apparently you will be able to control all kinds of vehicles that took part in the battle from fighters, bombers, battleships, CVs, subs etc...Probably more arcade oriented than a true simulation, it looks awesome nonetheless and will come in PC and XBox 360 version.

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    Looks nice

    SInce I finally stepped up and bought an XBoX 360 this is a game I might want to get.

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      Since it'll be out on PC, I'll just get it for that. I need the XBox360 to pick up a bunch of exclusive titles to make me want to get it. Right now the only game on it that I want is Dead Rising. And to be fair, that counts as like 3 games for me, but without the HD TV yet, I suppose it's fairly moot.

      Anywho, time to get a flight stick for this and an upcoming Matrix Games title...
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        The website is now live, with much more than just the placeholder that was there before. Take another look!
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