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    Well, this would be sort of a follow-up to the (apparently) defunct Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story. The premise would be the same, WWII Axis vs Allies, with players choosing which side they want to be on. It would also be turn based.

    However, each player would be assigned an officer rank, and each rank would grant a certain amount of points every turn. (The higher ranking players would get more points). The players could then spend their points on a number of things - production of new units, giving orders to existing units, etc.

    For production, each type of unit (Infantry, Armor, etc) would cost X amount of points per Battalion. Players could allot all or a portion of their points to a particular production pool or multiple pools.

    If it costs 10 points to produce an infantry unit, and a player has 12 points this turn, he could produce a unit by himself or spend a few points on infantry and a few on armor. At the end of a turn, all of the points are tallied for each production pool and X number of units are produced.

    For orders, a player could select a unit that he wants to give orders to. He not only gives the orders but spends a certain amount of points to issue the orders. If someone comes along and thinks the order should be something else, he can issue new orders and spend more points than the first player. A third player might decide that he likes the first set of orders and so spends points on them. Players are essentially bidding on which orders they want the unit to follow. At the end of the turn, whichever set of orders has the highest number of points allocated to it becomes the orders for that unit.

    In this way, some players have a bit more influence on the game, but every player has a say in how things are done. There's a lot to gain if all of the players are in agreement with a general strategy (especially when giving orders, since they won't have to waste points bidding on orders). So this should result in a fair amount of discussion about tactics and roles.

    Teams could have an "every man for himself" mentality or they could assign players to command specific fronts in the battle, or have players in charge of production of new units, etc.

    Meh, it's late, but I was just thinking something like this could work...
    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...

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