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  • Teamspeak

    OK, so, I'm a bit behind the power curve... I just installed a microphone and Teamspeak onto my system. Now, anyone care to school me in how to use this thing?
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    good question, i've havent used TS in years, so i wouldnt mind the help too. personally, i use ventrilo, very easy to use and setup, and the sound quality is pretty good.


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      I use ventrillo also. The way it works is you have to have the location and password to the group you want to talk too. for instance, if you are playing a game and you join a group, they can give you the information you need to get into ventrilo to talk to them.

      I am currently in the process of finding a company to buy so many slots on ventrilo. Then I would have the info for people in my group so they could get on and talk to me. In other words, I will be buying access to ventrilo for a monthly fee a certain amount of spaces to play the game. I currently play WOW and I am getting it because I am a guild leader and when we do instances we can talk instead of typing to each other. I probably confused you, I think I confused myself also, lol


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        I play Eve-Online and it's pretty much mandatory that we use Ventrilo. Since Eve is a PVP game you need to have the ability to listen in on conversations especially when going into combat. Typing things are just too slow and counterproductive. I have never had any problems with Teamspeak but others have had sound quality issues.
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