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    This has zero to do with any of my favourite legal topics, so if YOU go there, it was YOU that went there (not me).

    I own a massive dvd library, films documentaries, shows.

    I own a massive literature library, text books, fiction, non fiction, model resources.

    I own a considerably large collection of models (all military theme though).

    I own a considerable array of wargames (board game version, computer game version, even one old PS1 game).

    My point is, I have been collecting the stuff stuff since my early teens.
    And, as I am mid 40s (like most of us here) I have been getting it for the better part of the last 3 decades (which coincidentally is when most of the above hobbies/interests got their beginnings).

    I don't get rid of what I buy either.

    I have reached, near total, and complete, entertainment saturation point.

    Let's see, if I want to watch something about WW2, I have nearly ever good war movie ever made. I have documentaries, which basically contain the same footage a dozen ways to sunday.

    If I wish to read about an event of the 20th century, chances are, I do NOT need to buy a book about it, I already have several.

    I have nearly every tank made (yes nearly EVERY one) in 1/35th and 1/72 scale (I DID say I have a large collection). Buying the latest model, often seems pointless, only so many tanks have ever existed.

    And lastly, wargames.
    Lets see Normandy, I have Steel Panthers, Close Combat 5, Battles in Normandy, Allied German War, Panzer Campaigns Normandy 44, Squad Battles Eagle Strike, Panzer General, Allied General, Panzer General 2, West Front Campaign Series and that is just for computer.
    I also have Fortress Europa, The Longest Day, The Normandy Campaign (GDW), Squad Leader, ASL, Up Front, West Front (Columbia Games), Patton's Best, Pegasus Bridge (S&T), Panzer Leader, and who knows, I might even have more I just can't think of right now

    I think (I might be wrong ), I might not need to ever buy another game made about the war in Normandy.

    Lets see though, is it just a Normandy thing? Nope, I can say the same about the war in the desert, Russia, the Pacific and the list just expands outward.

    This is just my own experience, but I am curious, have many others around here come to realise, part of the problem, is they simply no longer really require anyone to make any more stuff?

    I'm subscribed to the Military Bookclub, but I am unsure why. All their books are redundant to my library 99% of the time. I bought most back when lots of the people that made the history were still breathing too. Today, it's all just chair bound generals writing from studies out of archives it seems.
    Other than I like mail that isn't a bill, and leafing through the flier is like window shopping (there sure isn't a decent bookstore in town), there's little point to it.

    I have much the same problem with wargames more and more.
    Some small companies are trying to market to me, but, I wonder, is there any point any more?

    Am I alone in this total lack of credible need?
    I like the looks of the Highway to the Reich game. I enjoyed that purchase. I am also quite impressed with their stated ambitions for future titles. Their game engine is unlike any other game out there. But aside from their design, how likely is it for me to actually REALLY need the next wargame of the hex based turn using sort? Regardless of how awesome they try to make it look.
    Last edited by LRB; 11 May 06, 10:47.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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