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    After taking some abuse from a co-worker about never having sat down for any of the prior incarnations of this game - I decided to see what the hype was about and check out MMM V. My first impressions were positive of the demo, and it reminded me of Warlords meets Archon and I was having a great time until I hit a brick wall in my adventure and cannot get past the demon hordes that come in a few weeks into the game.

    There is no manual or anything I could easily reference on how to play and win this demo level so wanted to see if anyone else can explain what I need to do. I understand that the city can provide troops and all that...but the demons attack so fast that I never have enough time to build enough units to stop them. And, the neutral units are so strong I am finding it impossilbe to secure resources and spells. Even on Normal level things seem to cascade too fast.

    Of course having missed the first 4 titles may have me at a disadvantage.
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    Hmm, I played the demo for a bit, although I was the demons doing the attacking.

    Gold's the most important resource when it comes to recruiting the troops you need, so try to build up the town center when you can spare the gold as it will increase your daily income (each upgrade to the town center adds more daily gold).

    Don't be afraid to let a few days go by without building anything or buying any units to store up the gold supplies. Also try to keep in mind when the start of a new week is to make sure you can reinforce your armies when your creature population grows.

    Edit -

    Also, sometimes it's worth building up large hordes of weaker (especially missile) troops, instead of straining to get the highest level units.
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