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Anachronism™, “The Greatest Game in History”

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  • Anachronism™, “The Greatest Game in History”

    I haven't checked out this game, although I've certainly heard of it. Does anyone here know anything about it?

    ****press release****

    TriKing Games announces new
    Tournament Software and Organized Play system for Anachronism™

    TriKing Games and Worlds Apart have teamed up to bring to you a new and vastly improved War College™ Tournament Organizer and Organized Play system, specifically designed for Anachronism™, “The Greatest Game in History.” Tournament Organizers (TOs) and Mercenaries will now enjoy expanded features and ease in organizing, conducting and reporting sanctioned events. For Anachronism™ players, finding opponents and events has never been easier. The Organized Play system is a vehicle by which participants earn special promotional cards available nowhere else, Mercenary rewards and points toward national rankings.

    It’s time to reorganize. Existing ratings and rankings will be reset as of April 15 for the national qualifiers and the Anachronism™ World Championship pursuit. We kindly ask all existing players, TOs, and Mercenaries to register anew with the expanded War College™ at Also, existing events need to be reentered in order to be official. “We apologize for the temporary delay in tournament services and ask for your patience as we transition,” says Charlie Oglesby, Director of Organized Play, “We are certain the benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience.”

    Anachronism™, an action-filled, lightning fast, history-themed strategic card game, is available in 7 languages and 31 countries. The game was recently named the winner of the Inquest Fan Favorite Award for Best Card Game, which adds to last summer’s garnering of the Game Manufacturers of America (GAMA)’s “Best New Release of 2005.”
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    I've seen it sitting around my Hobby Lobby store (just cuz it has a History Channel Logo) and it looked interesting...

    Dunno much about it...
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