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Crowfall videos (a kind of RTS MMO)

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  • Crowfall videos (a kind of RTS MMO)

    I thought someone here might find this interesting!? Shortly, the game is something like RTS meets Minecraft meets EVE Online...if that made any sense? Also, before massive battles (hundreds of players), building structures and economy make it into the game, it currently looks rather like MOBA than anything else.

    Another strange thing is, frequent changes of sex/class/race are likely - account is tied to crow-spirit, not the body/, you can play Tetris in there!?! Open beta (free tests) is scheduled for this winter but players are already testing, here is couple videos:

    PS If my incomprehensible intro didn't make any sense, IGN Wiki maybe will.

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    OK, since I can't edit the OP, a quick "manual" update: open beta was pushed back to "summer 2017" while current test access is still rather expensive, $100 or more. A couple of new videos, starting with preview by TheLazyPeon:

    ...some combat footage by ItsZiz:

    ...and this is what happens when you mix Van Helsing with guinea pig, and give it stealth:


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