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Introducing Victory At Sea game 1st trailer

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  • Introducing Victory At Sea game 1st trailer

    Hi all, we mentioned this as a kickstarter a while ago (thanks for all the support from those that funded and cheered us on!) Unfortunately it wasn't successful, however we weren't deterred and raised the funds elsewhere!

    So finally I can show you our first trailer! This is strategy with a difference, you can re-enact historical battles, set up point based RTS battles or tell your own story. In the campaign mode you can take part in epic naval warfare across the entire Pacific, Atlantic and Med. You start off as a destroyer Captain and can go through the ranks, eventually commanding huge and customisable fleets. There are currently 65 classes of ships from torpedo boats to subs, to aircraft carriers. It's been a bit of a labour of love to be honest, hope you enjoy!

    Coming soon to desktop and mobile.
    You can go to the main Victory at Sea website to find out more about the game and sign up to our mailing list if you're interested.


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