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  • Operation Supply Drop / 8BitSalute

    Hello all!

    Do you know about Operation Supply Drop and the 8BitSalute fundraising 24-hour game-a-thon? Now you do!

    Your orders are to join Team Armchair Generals and game along with us on 17-18 May and help us meet our mission goal of raising $250. Or, you could just donate some spare cash to our effort! Either way, you'll be helping support deployed U.S. troops by keeping their morale at least balanced with the everyday stress they are under.

    This will be the event's 3rd year, and ACG's first year participating. We have more news and info incoming regarding OSD and 8BitSalute, so stay alert!

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    Okay, let's sweeten the deal a bit.

    For each person who signs up and joins Team Armchair General, OR donates to our campaign, I have an exclusive promo code to for 10% off your total at checkout.

    Subscribe to the Weider History magazine you've always wanted, buy that military history collectible, book, and/or movie to add to your collection.

    I'll be notified when donations are made, but you may also post a comment here to confirm your donation, and let me know how you want me to send you the promo code. GO!

    Support Team Armchair General in Operation Supply Drop's 8BitSalute!
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      My 8BitSalute Games List

      List of the games I'll be choosing from to play during my 24-hour game-a-thon.

      Age of Wonders III
      Company of Heroes
      Heroes & Generals
      MechWarrior Online
      Path of Exile
      Panzer General Online
      Planetside 2
      Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
      Star Trek Online
      Star Wars The Old Republic
      The Lord of the Rings Online
      The Secret World
      Tribes Ascend
      War Thunder
      Wargame: Red Dragon
      World of Tanks
      XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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        Why Support Operation Supply Drop?

        Here's the answer.

        The Good Fight: Operation Supply Drop
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          16 days & a wake up!
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            15 and a wake up!
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              Darn don't have any of those games. Maybe I can give some cash. Of course with exchange rate my crapy pay and what not it will be limted. Or I can dontated a game of my steam libarbry.
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                I'll pony up some cash, but it'll be by a gift card. I never ever use a credit card online. Wait a bit while I manage to gimp to the store...

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                  14 & a wake up!

                  And we've received our first donation, bringing us to 10% of our $250 goal. Click on this Team Armchair Generals donation link to make yours!
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                    13 & a wake up!

                    Remember, EVERYONE who joins Team Armchair General OR donates to us will receive an exclusive promo code to for 10% off at checkout!
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                      12 & a wake up!
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                        Here's what I expected Team Armchair General would do:

                        SpaceTimeGames 8-Bit Salute Progress & Event Update
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                          11 & a wake up!
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                            To be clear, you can play Atari 2600 as part of this charity drive. The only requirement is to ask your friends and family to support you with donations (say $1 per hour of gaming) and if you have the time to play for 24 hours you can join Jim on the weekend of May 17-18 while he leads our team.

                            Hope we get some folks to help him out!

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                              Here's a bit of official info straight from the 8-Bit Salute site:

                              Since our inception, Operation Supply Drop has raised almost $700,000 in games and donations, with 2013ís 8-Bit Salute raising $530,000 in donations alone. We are determined to set a new high score by breaking the million dollar mark in 2014, and with your help, we can absolutely do it!

                              WHEN: May 17th 9am EST Ė May 18th 9am EST (Or whatever weekend works for you!)

                              WHERE: In your comfy chair, at a friendís house, or really wherever you get your game on!

                              GAME/PLATFORM: Any game, any platforms. There are no restrictions: you want to play 24-hours of shuffleboard, itís up to you!

                              HOW IT WORKS: Simply ask your friends and family to sponsor you. They can make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift. We encourage each participant to have a goal of $250 in donations. Easy math says that's only $25 from 10 people. Have a seat (or stand) and play games on May 17th and see how long you can hold out and how much you can raise for the troops!

                              WHO IT BENEFITS: Gamers will be raising money to build video game filled care packages (supply drops) for members of the Armed Forces deployed to Afghanistan, conducting humanitarian missions across the globe or recovering in military hospitals in the states.
                              So. Anyone up for shuffleboard?
                              Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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