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  • Operational art of war 3

    i got gogs opart 3 .

    now i can make my own games, like i did with opart 1.

    it runs fine on win 7 . and the differences in detail is amazing
    and welcomed.

    its work jim
    but not as we know it.

    Im told hoi2 and 3 are too much work.. by those weak in skill/ethic.
    give them opart3 and say.. make me a battle.. are you smart enough?

    Speculation is fun.
    My ist will be German invasion of US in 47 . staged from Azores taken from us in battle of Azores '45 where 200 uboots were lost to sink US Atlantic fleet and build bases in greater Azores of over 1000 Luftwaffe fighters including new Horten 229's
    In short a euro superpower battles with a american one. no Abombs allowed.
    at 1 day a turn and 20 km per hex grid. Im only now building standard inf regiments/divisions based on history.
    is pershing the way for us armor.? can germania hope to win?
    how fast can us catch up in jet tech.? As the fatherland pours billions of marks into jet tech
    a full out fight to death at beachheads and german skill at winning that under the new fuhrer R Heydrich and ok means winning or dont try.
    OKW is given an order.. the best. Guderian /Manstein couplet now
    rule the roost. the best germany has. peerless they begin task which seems impossible to 2 of greatest thinkers/commandeers on planet

    they both agree .. Heinrici [the wall]defends beachead till a Pz gruppe can crack us shell [the heavies come out. mice in the floor boards] super heavies with scattergun cover of rocket interceptors. The 220 ton Hanover rolls 'over' us town swarmed by 40 Luftwaffe int it simply crushes all in path. Thats 500 million marks on site. 9th pz div with 120 panthers is wake of Hanover and 5 thousand sturm truppe with new mp45
    Fill the holes with germania.. Us commander cant get planes in his tanks are dying by score he pulls back.. whitehouse says . no retreat
    Us com says retreat what? my regiment died 5 minutes ago.
    that m***fing thing cant be stopped . whats worst is it has big sound horns playing Ride of the Valkyries. jesus wept. the rest of division is being hammered by guided artillery and can you believe one use flying gunships . jesus wept i.......

    The stuff of Valhalla. the gall the crazy f^nazis. put ashore north of boston wtf

    nothing is impossible with unlimited money and unlimited boldness

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    ex gladio equitas

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