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Do You Want to Relive History or Change it?

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  • Do You Want to Relive History or Change it?

    116th Panzer Division der Windhund

    Mission Statement: To achieve our Full Potential as Wargamers via Training and Teamwork.

    Do you enjoy WWII history? Are you tired of only reading about it? Do you strategize and then imagine them playing out? Do you dream of taking the reigns of those steel beasts and raining fire on the enemy?

    In short, do you want the thrill of reliving history?

    Then come visit our multi-gaming community!
    > We are a family of mature gamers with plenty of history enthusiasts.
    > We have introductory training sessions to help you get your feet in a game.
    > On-going training sessions help you sharpen your skills and build new ones.
    > We reenact Historical Battles in many of our games.
    > Leadership/contribution opportunities available!
    > We have cookies.

    Our WWII games include:
    World of Tanks - arcade style tanking
    War Thunder - simulation and arcade style flying
    IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 - simulation flying
    Cliffs of Dover - simulation flying
    Red Orchestra 2 - realistic first-person shooter
    Company of Heroes series - real-time strategy
    ARMA - WWII and Modern first-person combat simulation

    Coming soon:
    World of Warships - arcade style naval combat
    War Thunder: Ground Forces - simulation and arcade style ground vehicles
    IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - simulation flying

    We do NOT require any signup to try our Introductory Training programs, but only Community Members can attend Advanced sessions.

    Teamspeak, however, is needed so we can talk with you, and we can be found at this address:
    Password: humbug

    Visit our website at:
    Download Teamspeak 3 here:

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