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Playing Apple IIc games 30 years late through an online emulator museum

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  • Playing Apple IIc games 30 years late through an online emulator museum

    Thanks to an online archive, here's a Karateka review in 2013.
    by Casey Johnston - Oct 28 2013, 6:16pm EDT

    I'm on a bridge of indeterminate length and a blue ninja is running at me. The camera cinematically cuts between him, sprinting in my direction, and me, doing a cautious sideways ninja creep because I don’t know any other way of moving. I kick at him vigorously, or more truthfully, I swing one leg around in the air until he runs into it enough times that he eventually dies. I hardly creep another inch before an identical enemy ninja comes running my way again.

    This is the world of Karateka, a 1984 beat ‘em up game. It's an early work of Jordan Mechner, who went on to create the Prince of Persia series. I’m able to play Karateka today because it has been preserved along with a number of other games at the Internet Archive historical software page, both for download and in a browser emulator of limited integrity.
    more at -

    And Historical Software Collection at -
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    I love playing the old games again

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      Seeing KC Munchkin brought back great memories. I had an Odyssey and I used to play that a lot as a kid. My mom liked that one as well as a game called Pick Axe Pete.


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        Kid Pix! I had totally forgotten about that games existence... my youth is returning haha.


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