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Bioshock Infinite looks good so far.

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  • Bioshock Infinite looks good so far.

    There's a lot of hype about this game at the moment, and although I would not have purchased it under normal circumstances, my Playstation I brought in 2007 finally died of death last month, leading me to purchase one of the new 500 gb slidy top slimlines. In the deal I got the new Bioshock, and I must say, it's pretty good!

    Some Spoilers Ahead:

    The game pays a lot of attention to little details that make the world feel more carefully crafted. I had played Bioshock one but not very much, but have always liked the details and the ideas that Bioshock games are anchored to; in this case it is a rather entertaining idea;
    A flying city built for the Chicago World Fair in 1893 called Columbia, which goes on a world tour to display American exceptionalism. Columbia is led by a zealous 'prophet' called Comstock who used the city to raze Beijing during the Boxer Rebellion, an action which causes consternation in Washington and the city is recalled, causing Comstock to secede from the Union and set up as an independent, fiercely religious and patriotic city in the clouds. But there is very dark side to this technologically marvelous city, with much racism and bigotory of 'lesser races' and peoples, which you can observe as you play through he game, both in the story and in lesser details like advertisements and things said by the citizens of Columbia.

    Columbia looks for the most part a city of turn of the century America (except it is on numerous floating platforms, linked by airships and rails, which gives it a 'steampunk' vibe) the weapons all at least look good for the period, what could have been in a more advanced 1912 (the year the game is set), with side-magasine sub-machine guns, broom handled mausers and crank-handled Gatling guns - the creators have made the game really well in regards to making it feel 'realistic' - though there is obviously a lot of the fantastical in it, it still seems to fit the intended time and could easily work in a 19thC/early 20th Century 'Scientific Romance'

    An image of Columbia:
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    good game, I liked it, especially the city design - it reminded me of Jules Verne novels. Story wasn´t bad except the ending, which I found a bit complicated imho.
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