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    With a thread on the most anticipated games of 2012 I got thinking of the most popular game of all time and that is Pac Man. Kids were lined up out the door at conveince stores waiting to play the game and when the game came out on Atari they couldn't make them fast enough. I don't know why it was so popular but did people go nuts over that game.

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    Good puzzle games tend to become very popular, Pacman being one of the best in the early 80s.

    On the home computer, a simple graphic oriented game originated in Russia called Tetris. Simple, easy to program for the home computers of the day, this puzzle game also became highly addictive. It is still available for your cell phone and other game capable devices.

    So, what is it with those smart phones, PDA devices and the latest addictive game Angry Birds?
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      I was a goof I guess. I liked Pac-Man but not as well as Kangaroo,Pitfall,Frostbite,and Adventure.
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        I liked Pac Man, but Space Invaders and Asteroids were my faves. I got Space Invaders (the original) ported for iphone by the original company (Taito). You can get ports of a lot of classic games for smartphones and tablets, Doom, Tetris and others, got a Midway Arcade app with ports of Defender and Spy Hunter among others.

        Angry Birds is amusing (and Angry Birds Space is better) but my fave mobile game is Infinity Blade I and II.

        I do miss the old arcades, seems they have died out mostly. Funny thing is when I moved here to Europe in 1996-there were still a couple of good arcades in the 98-2002 period or so. One downtown that had a lot of classics and a very cool tank simulator called Tokyo Wars. You actually sat down and had levers to control the tank which moved and shook when you fired a gun or got hit. Spent a lot of coin there between university classes. I guess PC and consoles and now mobile gaming has killed that off.


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          I remember playing Space Invaders in the late 70s before playing Pac Man and Donkey Kong in the early 80s.
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            I never got past the beginning of the 2nd stage of Donkey Kong. I kept falling off the crap. I also had this hand-held game I had with me all the time of Space Invaders. I wore the poor thing out. Like I have a golf game. Only kind of golf I play.
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              I played a handheld Pacman game until the joystick wore out, the school bus driver hated the sound it made every time I took it with me to school.

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                Well you have to take into consideration in 1982 when I got the Space Invaders game,I was 24,and I had a thing for games.
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