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    I would second the Fallout suggestion. A friend of mine has nearly 200 hours on it and is still working toward 100% Great game with loads of content, and it seems about as free and non-linear as it gets. Heck, you can even switch 'quests' in the middle (without losing progress) If you're close to the objective for another or just got bored.
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      Originally posted by Gazz View Post
      Turns out that of the suggested games, Borderlands was the closest hit.
      It's only... sometimes... a linear shooter where you have to fight your way along the single path through a base of sorts.
      For most of the game you have a more Diabloesque game - only except the dreadful boss runs where you kill the same boss over and over for loot drops.
      Even though there is no strategic level, many times you have more than one option for doing things.
      Getting lots of mileage out of that one. =)
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