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My Analysis of COD5 World At War (XBOX360)

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  • My Analysis of COD5 World At War (XBOX360)

    Ok, I've played a good chunk of the game-campaign-not done but far into it, Nazi Zombies-got all the maps and played all of them, and on XBL-kinda just started but I'm not bad with a Trenchgun w/ stopping power.

    Anyways, this is my general analysis of the game's themes, occurrences, similarities, trends, etc.


    -Trend in flamethrowers
    -In Stalingrad, when you and Reznov run from Germans with flamethrowers
    -With the Marines-you get it in multiple levels
    -On the 3rd Shock Army's T-34s

    -Outside the box
    -You can throw Mortar shells at enemies on Okinawa
    -Molotov Cocktails while you're Petrenko
    -Double Barrel Shotgun while you're Petrenko
    -PBY Catalina with turrets
    -Ray Gun on Nazi Zombies
    -Wunderwaffe on Nazi Zombies
    -Bowie Knife on Nazi Zombies
    -Scoped Arisaka
    -Gas grenades
    -Flame tanks
    -Vehicle maps on XBL


    -Re-occurrence of water related endings while Russian
    -Jumping in the water in Stalingrad ends that part of the war for Petrenko
    -In Berlin a mini flood comes and ends that part of the Battle of Berlin

    -Similarities in Maps:
    -Stalingrad assassination mission resembles "Enemy At the Gates"
    -Nazi Zombie maps have linking clues to one another
    -Some multiplayer maps adapted from single player

    -General outside the box
    -Randomness of Banzai Charges
    -Tree snipers
    -Like COD2 on PC-doesn't have all your typical WWII game battles
    -Marine Raiders on Makin
    -Ability to call in rocket strikes on an island

    Ok, I'm really sorry if you intended to play this game and I ruined it for you, but I felt like expressing these things I noticed.
    "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."


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