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  • Thought for good FPS

    Playing Fallout 3 and Metro 2033 got me thinking. Countries like South Africa would be in complete chaos. There are few safe places in S.A where people could hide, there are a few metros, the goverment is vaults can be build and the fact that South Africa has to shelter millions of illegal immigrants. So I thought, what about mines? Could mines like TauTona in Carletonville, South Africa(deepest mine in the world) shelter people? It would be a great game, people living in a mine, shooting radworms and radrats. Now you need a reason for a country to bomb the hell out a uninteresting country that would most likely be annexed for resources before being destroyed.

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    Well I remember a Game Red Faction for the PS2 that was similar and it was okay. Problem is being able to create an environment and story that would be captivating enough for that.

    The Idea is great but I can't see the story being that great without bending some timeline. Multi player would be fun in mines.
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      red faction Armageddon
      this game does take place in mines


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