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Forgotten Hope: A BF1942 Mod

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  • Forgotten Hope: A BF1942 Mod

    I'm sure you've all heard of BF1942. I don't know why, because its the most unrealistic piece of **** I ever saw in my life.
    Which is why FH(FH2 is for BF2) was made. Its BF, but realistic, with many new maps. To get the full playing experience you'll wana play online. The 2 main servers are TDP(The Damned Priests) and PF(Pixel Fighters). Go to their websites and download their mappacks. Which offer more maps. Btw, some FH maps do not appear on single players they are for online only. You should all definitely check it out, obviously you need to buy BF1942 1st though.
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    I've heard of this mod and that it's amazing.

    They also made a second one for BF2 that looked awesome. I hated BF2 but I might re-install it just to play FH2


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      I used to play it, but it took 7-8 mins to load a damn map seeing that I only had 512mb of RAM in my desktop. I play more BF2 now that I can play it again but will also see if I can get 42' and DCF installed again
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        BF 1943 out in December.


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          Used to play bf42, Desert combat, and Forgotten Hope. Used to have a blast with all of the above till I moved out in the boonies and could only connect through satellite internet. way too latent for any online games that are realtime. Absolutely hated BF2. cant stand a game that makes the pistol more accurate than the sniper rifle.
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            Although development of this mod has finished more content can be found with a addon mod fhsw.
            Also my community is currently playing a custom map tournament ephasising team play and tactics check it out its free


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