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Got my new rig; looking for a new game

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  • Got my new rig; looking for a new game

    So, what game are all the ACG'ers playing? I recently got my new gaming rig (Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, Radeon HD 3870 Overclocked ed, etc) and I'm looking to test it out on something other than simulations and MMORPGs.

    I used to be a big Desert Combat player back in the day. Now, I'm just looking for something that other ACGers are playing (so that we can maybe dominate in multi-player games).

    Any suggestions? Cheers.
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      I second this

      Oblivion with a few special graphics mods is also a good idea

      World in conflict with shadows turned up to max (if your PC doesnt stutter when a nuke goes off, i hate you)
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        Battlefield 2 is better than Desert Combat, by far! Although I had tons 'O fun with DC, it's not nearly as fun as BF2 and the graphics in BF2 are far better than DC. My friends and I play every Tuesday night, as a squad on the same team if possible, but versus is just as good, heh heh. Nothing like pwning your friends!!
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          Bf2's not that much of a graphics test i'm afraid, it tests the amount of RAM you have... not to mention its like cocaine and will destroy your life...

          So if you dont want to become like me, dont play Bf2!
          Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we may become.


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            Yep. Crysis is still the gold standard. If your kit can run Crysis well, it'll chew up anything else with ease.


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              HL2DM with any decent killbox map


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                For that matter, the entire HalfLife series is worth every penny. It's not a full-on FPSer in a Quake or Unreal sense; too much story involved but it's a great character and story driven game.


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                  Games I play:

                  Desert Combat Final
                  Rise of Nations/expansion
                  Empire Earth
                  Call of Duty/ UO

                  Might be old but they're still fun
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                    and COD4 on x360 also.


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