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Seeing that everyone is playing COD2...

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  • Seeing that everyone is playing COD2...

    What is your call sign? And which sever or type of game do you play?

    I go by "I always miss". I play on capture the flag. Was on Air exteme but I have not seen that up lately. There about three other one I usually join but cant think on the names of the sever.
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    Whats a call sign? Never heard of that.

    If you mean name. I usally change my name once a week if not every few days. My last 2 names where Emmisary of the Nile in teal and yellow. The other was Attila the FuN. Fun being in multiple colors Attila and the in black.

    Ive been playing Capture the flag on a PotW sever lately. That and some random other servers. Occasionally zombies. Yet its lost its magic. The magic it had in versions earlier to this. Ive lost my magic too.

    For now all be Emmisary for a bit. Hopfully all be able to keep that one. Another problem I have is keeping the same avatar, Ive somehow managed to do it for the ACG forum. maian, was a name I used in cod1 In January and Feburary a lot in 05. I guess a bit in May too, or whenever I registered.


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