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    I was curious if ANYONE has suggestions as to a good modification for Call of Duty 1, no UO or 2. I was thinking about Revolt or Heat of Battle. Preferably a Multi-player mod, but SP will work as well.
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    Back when I played CoD a lot, I liked Heat of Battle. But it seems the development team has moved to source so the community has probably done likewise.
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      I play a lot of COD and United Offensive online, and I gotta tell ya...

      For COD, there is the SWAT mod, which has SWAT against what look like European terrorists or something.

      The maps tend to be modern urban settings.

      The M4A1, AK-47, MP5, Desert Eagle, UMP, Sig 552, and other modern weapons associated with modern urban tactical police units and terrorists are part of it.

      Beyond that, for United Offensive, there is the modern weapon mod, which features many of the same weapons (and a whole lot more of new ones) and has WWII soldiers using these weapons in WWII maps, or sometimes, the American team shows modern US Army troops in desert camos, and the Germans are actually Iraqis.

      Those are my faves.


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