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What would you like to see in a COD game?

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  • What would you like to see in a COD game?

    Personally I would like to see some games that are based on the Pacific theater because most of the games are based on the european theater. I'm not saying they're bad but I would like to play something different. I also like the way that they did a COD that is in modern times. If you were the head of the designer team what would you put in a COD game.
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    A CoD2 Expansion pack in the Pacific. The only thing I don't like about CoD 1 and 2 is that it's to fast, I think they should slow the gameplay down some how.


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      I would like to see a COD type game where a very large map
      was divided into sectors. Each side would start in the middle
      sector to determine a winner. Then the winner would advance
      (take ground) into the next enemy sector where they would
      fight again. Gain ground and lose ground. A tug of war, the way
      it was really done some 60 odd years ago....

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        I'd like to see a COD game that is not so scripted and linear. Graphics could use some improvement too, at least on the Xbox.
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          New gameplay?
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            Little to no German enemies.
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              The ability to custimize weapons similar to MOH Airborne.
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                To be able to play as a grunt in a less famous division.

                The 101st is all well and good, but how many different games can be built around the same unit?

                How about the 45th, which fought its way across Sicily and Italy?

                Or the 28th, which caught hell in the Hurtgen Forest?


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                  ide like to be able to play as an australian unit i dont care wat 1 as long as there is 1 and to be able to play as the marines in the pacific theatre would good. I would also like to see the gameplay slowed down a bit and bigger maps for MP
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                    I would like to see thwe same tihng I want to see in every game - the ability to play the enemy.

                    Knowing that the enemy loses, the challenge would be to change the historical outcome, but ganme producers are fixated on being the "good guys".

                    As a player, I want to be the enemy for a change and see if I can do better than history.
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