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ACG Review: SiN Emergence

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  • ACG Review: SiN Emergence

    Leave it to James to dig up the games we might have otherwise missed. Apparently SiN E is a FPS worth a look...and at $20 seems like a no brainer.

    See what you think.

    ACG Reviews SiN Emergence

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    I'm suprised James would review a game he has to start Steam for
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      That might become less of a mystery when you re-read the opening of the review:

      It’s worth noting that this game is very much for adults. The very opening of the game demonstrates the Source Engine’s realistic physics by displaying the barely clothed chest of a very well endowed woman directly in your face. This is followed shortly by a dream-like sequence of the same woman wearing even less (although not quite nude). To top off the sexual imagery, there’s a fair bit of adult language, and plenty of gory violence.

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        Originally posted by gobeavs
        I'm suprised James would review a game he has to start Steam for

        I have no issues with Steam, I just rarely run it because all the Valve stuff is boring.

        (of course I have HL2 Episode 1 preloaded and ordered.... )
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