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    Originally posted by creeping death
    Vazquez was pretty Bad Ass as well....I wonder who could be Burke?
    Hudson was pretty darn funny with his quotes" Game over man Game over" or "I don't know if you have been keeping up on current events but we just got our asses kicked" And then he is killed as soon as he gets the courage to fight back..........................

    Give Hudson more credit than that. He whined a lot, to be sure. But the fact remains that he was good in a fight. Not at the beginning, because he had no ammo. But at the end, when he could shoot, he was right there, getting into it. Some of his last words were 'Oh, you want some too? Well f*ck you!"

    I guess it's in a fight that it really matters.

    Here are the types of people we need for each character.

    Ripley: Tough chick who looks good in her underwear, is haunted by terrifying memories, but buckles down when it's time to get with the killing. Needs to have an authoritive voice that reassures others into doing what they have to do. Willingness to slam greasy little corporate swine up against a wall a must.

    Hicks: Needs to instantly fall for Ripley, but be able to supress those urges until circumstances allow him to go after her like the slathering horny marine that he is. Able to make quick yet sensible decisions that are normally reserved for those above his pay grade. Must be willing to take 'grunt' as a compliment and must provide own tracking device at own expense.

    Hudson: A whiny little mama's boy who gripes and cries about everything that might constitute bad news. Needs to find new and creative ways to constantly annoy the hell out of everyone else, but can let fly with the AP ammo with unrestrained zeal when it's time to spray the walls with acidic blood.

    Vasquez: A chick who makes Ripley look like Drew Barrymore. Touger than most of the men, and eager at all times to go anywhere at anytime to kick ass. Her ideas have to be gung-ho, suicidal forlorn hope types of plans that the others are quick (and smart) to overrule. Has to look like a man.

    Goreman: A total non-qual wuss who likes to play the big, bad overlord of all he sees, even though no one takes him seriously. Has to constantly oppose the ideas of the ranking NCO in a determined attempt to make sure as few of his marines as possible survive. Has to fold under pressure and like cornbread.

    Burke: A slimy weasel with his own agenda. Needs to be willing to throw away everyone else's lives to benefit himself. Also, must be ready at a moment's notice to abandon everyone else to save his own worthless buttocks, and not be missed when he becomes an inevitable TV dinner for the tall green baddies.

    Newt: Must be an annoying little girl with a knack for screaming at every little thing. Being co-dependent is a plus. Has to be the type of kid that Ripley will sacrifice everyone else at a moment's notice to save. Survival skills preferred, but not required.

    Apone: Top kick must be bad-ass all the way, able to bridge the all-important gap between hardass grunts and useless officers. Needs to keep a cool head under stressful circumstances, and bite his tounge when the CO issues a command guaranteed to get him killed in especially horrible fashion. Must smoke cigars.

    Bishop: Has to be an emotionless shell of something resembling a human being. Only interested in knowledge and logic, and willing to put himself at risk for the sake of the others. Must have pilot's lisence, be extremely intelligent, and willing to be ripped in half. No Vulcans need apply.

    Drake: Has to be dating Vasquez, which in itself should mean hazard pay. Has to pack the biggest gun PLUS a flame thrower, and be willing to get slapped in the face in some kind of sado-masochistic mating ritual with the aforementioned Vasquez. Cannot be afraid of acid.

    Anyone else?


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