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    Originally posted by P.V. Mann III View Post
    Screw Baker. They need to focus on Hartsock as the protaginist. He's the man.

    Actually, I liked Baker better.

    I don't care what Hartsock said about who should get the credit for bringing the tanks onto Hill 30. Baker did it. I was freaking there!


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      Originally posted by RapierFighter View Post
      Actually, I liked Baker better.

      I don't care what Hartsock said about who should get the credit for bringing the tanks onto Hill 30. Baker did it. I was freaking there!
      "Red" has all the personality though. The bar fight giving him the scar, his casual conversation tone, he's married, so you figure by war movie/game rules he's gonna bite it. Baker's just to plain for me, he's to introspective for my taste. Plus, mission wise, Red fighting his way out of Bloody Gulch, charging the Mortar positon, and knocking out tanks, what a pimp. We all know who deserves the real storyline though.

      Platoon Sergeant Greg "Mac" Hassey. They don't make 'em any better.

      "This life..., you know, "the life." You’re not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you don’t shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



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        Looking even better!
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            Product Description
            Brothers in Arms has earned its place as the leading squad-based WWII shooter on consoles and PC. The unrivaled authenticity, compelling story and intense squad-based action of the first two games has established an audience of gamers clamoring for more.

            Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway brings the Brothers in Arms franchise into the next generation of gaming. With cutting-edge high-definition graphics and sound, new gameplay features and a totally redesigned online component, Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway puts players into an immersive World War II combat experience like they have never seen before.

            Key Features
            · Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway - Next Generation. The classic authentic, squad based combat series explodes on next generation hardware offering unprecedented graphics and features.

            · New Story, New Setting. Follow Matt Baker, Joe Hartsock and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division in Holland during “Operation Market-Garden” as they fight to open famous “Hell’s Highway” in a daring bid for a quick end to the war.

            · Destroyable Cover. Keep your men moving, and choose your cover wisely – simulated with real physics, weapons will damage, dent, scorch, and destroy the world around you.

            · Unprecedented Character Design. Lifelike characters look, talk, move, and think with incredible realism. Game characters interact with the player and each other like true brothers-in-arms, trading ammunition, helping wounded allies, working together to man team-operated weapons, and more.

            · Step into the Boots of a Soldier. Hit the dirt and get prone, rip grenades from your chest and hurl them at your enemies. See and feel the blast of nearby explosions.

            · Powerful New Units Under Your Command. Players can use or command combined arms teams – machine gun crews create intense fire, bazooka crews destroy your surroundings and tanks.

            · Live the Life of an Enlisted Man. Get orders from HQ, go on patrol, spot the enemy, and set up a devastating ambush. For the first time, finding the enemy before they find you is part of the challenge.
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              BiA: Hell's Highway website now live, with a new trailer: 'How Much Can One Man Take?'

              Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
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                BIAHH: Teamwork Q&A

                1) BIA is known for its great Squad command system. Can you tell us a bit more about how it’s going to work in BIA HH?

                Randy Pitchford: Brothers in Arms introduced a new way to think about working with a squad. The goal from the beginning is about accessibility – about making the interface work for you intuitively. For Hell’s Highway, we’ve taken some time since the last Brothers in Arms games to think about how the system can work better and to listen to players who have loved what we did and have challenged us to go even farther. This culminates to the best Brothers in Arms game ever made – by a wide margin.

                We have established the system with the two previous games and expanded it in very interesting ways for players who are looking for new depth. We can do that without forcing any complexity for any users who may actually prefer if things were more simple to use.

                The command system still remains as simple as shooting your gun, aiming at something and triggering the command button. If you're aiming at the ground, your command is "Move to that position!" If you're aiming at an enemy, your command is "Attack that enemy!"

                Some of these orders are contextual and will vary depending of what you’re aiming at. A sandbag cover for example is something that you can destroy with your bazooka crew. In that case, the command ring will change and indicating that you can blow up this cover.

                2) Just how advanced is the friendly and enemy AI in Hell’s Highway?

                Randy Pitchford: How advanced is the AI – well... We’ve invested a LOT in it. The game relies heavily on the decisions of the AI, so it not only has to have a good, fair awareness of what is going on around each decision maker, but it must have really interesting things to do with each decision the AI makes. It’s become amazingly natural, but super sophisticated over the years. The more sophisticated the AI gets, the more simple and natural (human) it appears in the game.

                3) We see during some parts of the game you’ll be without your team. How does this break down?

                Randy Pitchford: In Hell’s Highway, the story sometimes separates Sgt. Baker from his squad. This is true for about 15% or so of the game. It’s great for variety – really changes the feeling and the game play. It’s also great for the story telling for reasons I don’t want to spoil. Another interesting side effect is that it reminds you how much better it is to play a first person action game with a squad that you have control over – it really makes us feel how shallow a lot of our shooting gallery experiences are with traditional first person shooters.
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                  Brother's In Arms is the finest game I have ever played on a console. I won both "Road to Hill 30" and"Earned in Blood" and I can't wait to get my hands on this new one. It sounds like it might be the best game of all time!
                  "This life..., you know, "the life." You’re not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you don’t shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



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                    good stuff

                    I really enjoyed both of the BIA games, that being said they have delayed the release about 20 times and I am getting frustrted with it.
                    Then again I want a good game, not like MOHA..which i still haven't been able to get rid of.

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                      Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Q&A

                      Answers by: Jeramy Cooke (BIA HH Director)

                      1) BIA has always been a violent series, mostly because of the topic it’s covering. Will BIA HH follow the same path?

                      BiA HH will continue to show the horrors of war be they physical gore or mental trauma. We feel it's important to treat the subject with respect but at the same time help people feel the intensity of the violence. War is at its core a violent act and gore is something that goes with the territory.

                      2) We all have in mind the incredible opening scene in Saving Private Ryan and BIA has always tried to be very realistic. How did you reach a decision for the level of gore that you wanted in the game?

                      Really it was a very straightforward decision. Each area of the game that depicts violence is specifically to illustrate an important story point or convey the terrible nature of war. We never really ask ourselves about the "Gore Level" instead we focus on the drama and purpose of the scene or game system. If gore happens to be a part of that experience then so be it.

                      3) What is the biggest technical challenge that you had to face during the development of the new gore system?

                      The main challenge was making sure the physics was fast enough on each of the different platforms. Since each platform has different performance characteristics we had to tune the simulations to match. As well it was a challenge dealing with the additional memory required to break apart different enemy types in so many ways.

                      4) Finally, did you cut some of the gore features you planned on implementing in the game originally?

                      Actually the gore system landed a fair bit ahead of where we had originally planned. Since our game is not about gore we generally wanted to keep it in the background and thus we didn't plan on spending big into the tech. However there were a number of features the team promoted internally such as headshot specific gore and dripping blood on walls that weren't in the original plan.
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                        CMSF v1.10 standalone patch ("Plain Jane&quot released!

                        We are pleased to kick off the first weekend in October with the release of a major update to our flagship game, Combat Mission Shock Force. The new patch (codename "Plain Jane") takes the base game up to v1.10 and it is packed full of features including new vehicles, a new "Iron" skill level, updated sound effects, improved A.I. behavior (including dynamic use of artillery!), over 30 new Quick Battle Maps, game performance increases and much more (full list included below).

                        As we have done before, we are releasing this patch in three distinct flavors, one for each of the unique versions currently on sale, either from directly online or published by Paradox Interactive or distributed via the GamersGate website. Each of the patches is "All Inclusive" and can be applied to any earlier version of the game. The patch is only required for players who do not already own the "Marines" Module that was released last week. Players who have purchased "Marines" already are up to date (v1.10).

                        Please follow the link below for full details about the patch, its features, and to find download links.

                        Click here to jump directly to the CMSF Patches page:

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                          Looks great!, I read a book on market Garden recently and the game looks to be very accurate in the details of the operation.
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                            Short but sweet...

                            It's a lot of fun. The SP experience is basically what I expected, still lacking in many areas, but fairly enjoyable. However, and yes, you knew there was a however in there... It seems rather rushed, or perhaps that's not the term. Maybe cut in many aspects is a better phrase.

                            Graphics -

                            The visuals are bland and unimpressive, and that is on my 36' HDTV with the HDMI enabled on my 360 (perhaps the PC version will be better?). The backgrounds are utterly atrocious, textures akin to games of the past, but it was produced utilizing UE3 engine so that is somewhat expected. There are also frequent stuttering/FR issues, to include textures that don't fully load (at times) until halfway through a CS or "action" by the player. Poor play-testing and optimization seem to be a factor. Honestly though, a lack of real eye candy doesn't really bother me if the gameplay is good, but we'll get to that later.

                            Sound -

                            Beautifully executed, as it adds to a otherwise non-immersive environment. Hats off to your sound designers! Twelve pack on me.

                            Realism -

                            It's not meant to be a military simulator. That said, it still has facets of the previous games. Very linear in design, often offering only single or double AA's/Avenues of Approach (military term), something I'd hoped would've been resolved in this installment in the BiA series. The dig-in system while "neat", serves only a menial purpose at best. While crouched well below enemy fire, my character can still be hit unless posted against a wall, at which point you are now impervious to enemy small-arms/AT fire. The amount of random objects in-which to hide behind is amazing. How many recycled desks or tables (objects) that are simply sitting in the middle of a street? Or building rubble that can perfectly hide a squad? Rubble that appears from surrounding buildings that are all but intact? Last time I checked, amazing cover or concealment or both was rarely available at any time, but in this newest iteration, it's just as readily available as ever.

                            The Developers may have researched the locales, their settings during Operation Market Garden, but they added aspects to the game keeping in-tune with making it easier.

                            A.I -

                            It's shoddy at best. If I don't fire upon an enemy patrol, my squad can basically run right up on them and into a ambush position. I'm wondering if the A.I. actually has a vision corridor, or a trigger/script that focuses their attention upon a specific area once fire is received.

                            Multiplayer -

                            Horrible! Unplayable at best.

                            Overall -

                            I don't think any of us really expected this, maybe some or most did. It seems more of the same but with less. Hell's Highway is still fun though, SP wise, and that's about it.


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