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    I'll be downloading the free trial week tonight and am willing to give it a shot tommorow night if anyone's interested. Xfire is still bcseurotrash

    edit: scuud will probably be there, as will most of the rest of [BcS]. Maybe that [BcS] - Armchair General BF2 game that never happened can happen in Red Orchestra?
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      Great to see RO players here! My brother and I generally play around 1:00 in the morning these days, though with summer vacation coming to an end fairly soon, that will change. For now however, I am ushually online around that time, my RO name, as here, is Uber-Pig.
      "Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas." -Erwin Rommel.


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        Was it just me or are the animations in this game a flashback to DOS. Gameplay was redeeming, made machine guns more fun, and setting scope detail to the highest was a unique experience for snipers. Single player had hoooooooorible AI (forgivable for a multiplayer game) but I just couldn't get over the animations. I don't think it was my computer since I had all the settings maxed but animations that bad couldn't actually make their way into a modern game. When people are walking their entire body is perfectly straight up and knees bend at 90 degree angles as the march around. Is this actually how the animations are supposed to be?


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