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  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    9.2/10 from Gamespot.

    Advanced Warfighter is the best-looking game to date on the Xbox 360, and it offers exceptional tactical shooting action to back up those great visuals.
    I can't wait for the PC version, although it has been delayed until May. This would be my first GR game....anyone a fan of the series?
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    I have the first one and the desert expansion and loved them both. A lot of fun on the LAN playing co-op on the missions.

    There was one level, I think it was the third of the campaign in the first GR - it was a canyon where you had to hold off an enemy advance. It was two prongs of infantry moving along the canyon walls, which you had to neutralize first, and then three tanks and escorting infantry along the canyon bed. We played that over and over in LAN games...
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