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  • Zulu Response

    Zulu Response is a new game under development by Military author Damien Lewis.

    Tactical first person shooter based on 1879 wars with gameplay based off actual indivdual's gallantry and specific battles ...

    zuluresponse dot com

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    For more up to date information as the game gets developed see the game at


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      Thought I'd post a bit more detail on the game here:

      You can play:
      • Singleplayer where you play as a British soldier
      • 8 person multiplayer (4 verse 4) and choose to play either as a Zulu warrior or British soldier

      The game enables (some options configurable):
      • weapon sway
      • iron sight only for British
      • bullet drop
      • spear throwing with gravity effect
      • British movement restrictions through tiredness e.g. after constant movement
      • Speed movement variations between player classes
      • command distance restrictions e.g. in real life you couldn't give an order to a person 500 yards away as they wouldn't hear you
      • smoke effects
      • reduction on player reserves if player dies and respawn is allowed (tactics more rewarding than a direct approach)
      • hotkeys and in game menu UI to command solder/warrior detachments

      Each player has a detachment of soldiers or warriors under their command. These detachments can be:
      • monitored via an in game UI and the HUD
      • monitored for health and given applicable commands
      • ordered to any position of the player's choosing around the battlefield
      • ordered to follow the player
      • ordered to attack independently or on player command
      • ordered individually or in groups
      • take offensive and defensive positions
      • configured at game start up to restrict command orders (e.g. is the player within audio range of soldiers for an order to take effect)


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        Here's a couple of videos you may like :

        1. Zulu wiping out a British players soldiers - watch wipe out

        2. British line devastates a Zulu charge - watch line alternate firing

        Catch the latest news and updates on the game, see the game at IndieDB


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          This looks like an interesting setting for a game. I haven't seen any game set in this period, so I will follow this to see how it turns out. I hope that it delivers!
          "In Critical and baffling situations, it is always best to return to first principle and simple action." Sir Winston Churchill.


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            Does look interesting. Might play if devs fit in some epic singing and war chants


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              We've just released a new Trailer video


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                This actually looks really interesting. Good concept and finally something different in the long never ending line of COD clones. This must be running on the Unity graphics engine as it looks a bit similar to Verdun.

                Who wants to make a wager on how long this game goes before it is called 'racist'. It happened to RE5 I believe. It's sad, I know but its bound to happen.


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                  Seems interesting, but I wonder how the game developers will balance the British technological advantage. Unless the Zulu faction has a considerable advantage in manpower, the combat will be grossly one-sided.


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                    Originally posted by BobTheBarbarian View Post
                    Seems interesting, but I wonder how the game developers will balance the British technological advantage. Unless the Zulu faction has a considerable advantage in manpower, the combat will be grossly one-sided.
                    Good question, yes there are differences in player squad reserves, the Zulu have alot more reserves and a Zulu player has almost double the amount of active AI on the battlefield to command then a British player.

                    The following explains the other differences in detail, note testing may throw up things requiring change but as it stands now this should answer your question:


                    The Zulu and British players and their corresponding AI have different capabilities based on their character class.

                    These differences enable players to tactically gain advantage in one area but lose out in others thus providing tactical options and a general evening out of player and AI classes across the game.

                    It means we can create an intense game in a First Person environment where previously games based in a similar era have tended to stay only strategic in nature.

                    All Intelligent AI
                    Each player has been assigned their own intelligent AI which can be commanded singularly, in small groups or all at once. The number of AI assigned varies between game character class and which side a player is on (British or Zulu).

                    The British AI are armed with the Martini Henry rifle and the Zulu are either armed with throwable spears or the Martini Henry rifle.

                    The Martini Henry rifle takes around 5 seconds to reload and be in position to fire again.

                    Spears can be thrown at a faster rate then the rifle.

                    All AI weapons have a realism formula applied to ensure accuracy is not 100%. Gravity effects all weapons.

                    All AI can be ordered to move to specific rally points. The player sets a rally point via a flag marker. Alternatively the AI can follow the player (if the player moves to a new location so does the AI).

                    Zulu AI Specifics
                    Sniper Class
                    With the sniper class the warriors are armed with the Martini Henry rifle however there are significantly less AI reserves available to the player compared to the warrior.

                    Warrior Class
                    The warrior class AI are armed with throwing spears. They attack by throwing a spear or move in close to stab an opponent.

                    If a Zulu AI is injured their speed is not impacted like a soldiers, they can continue to move unrestricted.

                    All Zulu AI find and attack their own targets once a player movement order has completed.

                    All Zulu AI do not become tired, they will fight at 100% efficiency.

                    British AI Specifics
                    The AI can be ordered to form up in lines and face the direction of the marker flag (used to set rally points).
                    The following shows the British player and his AI formed up in a line.

                    Command to Fire
                    The AI can be ordered to fire independently (when they spot a target) or fire on player command. The player can order all AI to fire at once, only front rank (crouched soldiers) or only rear rank (standing soldiers). By alternating firing between the front and rear ranks, 1 rank can fire whilst the other reloads.

                    If the soldiers have been in battle for some time they become tired and less effective. To restore their abilities the player must find water for the soldiers.

                    If a soldier's health is reduced to 50% or less their speed of movement is halved (walk pace only) until they either see a doctor or the player finds water for them.

                    Zulu Players
                    Tiredness and Injury
                    The Zulu players are not restricted in their movements if they are injured or after constant movement.

                    A player can play either a warrior class (armed with throwing spears) or the Sniper class where they are armed with a Martini Henry rifle.

                    Cross Hair and Weapon Sway
                    The throwable spear has a cross hair enabled and there is no weapon sway.

                    Impi Attacks
                    The Zulu players have an option at various times to order an attack with 30 additional warriors. These warriors are not under player control but will attack the target given then retreat after a set period of time. These attacks can be used tactically such as enable the player to attack on multiple fronts.

                    British Players
                    After constant movement the player will slow down and will be restricted to a walking pace. They need to have a short rest or find water to recover.

                    If the player's health reaches 50% or lower their movement becomes restricted. They need to find water or a doctor to recover.

                    Officer Class
                    If a player chooses the officer class he is armed with a Martini Henry rifle and Beaumont Adams revolver (cannot be reloaded).

                    NCO Class
                    The NCO class is only armed with a Martini Henry rifle but he has 20% more stamina and health
                    then an officer.

                    Weapon Sway
                    The British player has weapon sway applied to their weapons, thus making accuracy harder.

                    The rifles and revolver have ironsights by default (options exist to enable cross hair)
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                      Sounds interesting Vegetables. Thanks for the post.


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                        Originally posted by WarFilms44 View Post
                        Sounds interesting Vegetables. Thanks for the post.
                        Your welcome.

                        Another thing I should say which may influence a player's tactics is that each time a player dies some of his available reserves are reduced.

                        Depending on gametype a player should also consider objectives such as a configurable start of game option that sets how many solders/warriors must survive to the end objective etc.

                        As a general default if a player has no reserves or active AI to command then he is out of the game.


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                          We've been adding a new zulu character to the game and trying to add face morphs (animations) to in game play. Further details here.

                          The followinmg pics show a couple of variations of the models and there's a youtube WIP of the model's face turning angry:

                          A zulu at Rorkes Drift:


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                            Noticed something interesting. If Hollywood remade Zulu the movie today, the black warriors would have been played by ripped dudes with gigantic six-packs, and Arnold-like physique.

                            In reality Zulu warriors were chubby fellows, very well-fed, if this picture of their king does them justice. They must have loved their banana alcoholic drinks.

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                              Some in game multiplayer action from Rorkes Drift, a Zulu player co-ordinates an attack on the South Wall with his squad of Bots with an Impi attack.


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