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Tactical shooters?

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  • Tactical shooters?

    Trying to decide on a tactical shooter to try. It's difficult since the term "tactical shooter" is now applied to anything that isn't an arcade shooting gallery

    Looking for something fps, controlling at least mainly the same person. No squad planning like in the original Rainbow 6. The original Ghost Recon was also a bit annoying with it's switches.

    Maybe I'm just looking for a FPS that doesn't have ridiculous weapons. Did RainBow 6 Las Vengas drop the squad planning? What about Arma?

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    Arma is more focused on open world fights and doesn't do CQB that well. For smaller scale tactical shooters you don't have much choice really, Rainbow Six 3 still has the planning part (which I like) but each map has a set of default plans you can use. There's also SWAT 4 Gold which is an excellent game similar to RS3 but since it focuses on cops you have an ROE to follow. There's no planning stage and it takes a bit more thought since you can just shoot everybody with a gun you see.


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