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The World’s First G.M.D. 3D - F.P.S Arcade Machine

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  • The World’s First G.M.D. 3D - F.P.S Arcade Machine

    Seeking Investors - Buyers - Game Modders & general feedback.

    Virtual Assault Gaming System is a PC based Arcade Machine. It is compatible with most major gaming titles and numerous online games that are first person shooter games such as Medal of Honor, Doom or Combat Arms.

    It is not to be confused with a MAME Arcade system witch is typically a PC based system running emulators or arcade style games such as pac-man.

    The Virtual Impact Gaming System is a time based free play system in which the user is allotted so much time per coins inserted to play the latest PC Games in an entirely new and unique way that will immerse the player into the action like they have never experienced before.

    The game controller is of unique design and incorporates the entire game play experience into a single unit. The game controller is designed for first person shooting games ran on a windows based system but can be converted to work on any gaming console.

    The concept of the controller is to give the feeling of immersion into a 3D environment. By placing the monitor directly on the firearm and combining it with direct sight tracking technology gives the user the ability to have 360 degree direct sight - in a 3D environment. Meaning - in a 3D environment the image displayed will be the image the user is facing.

    To find out more about the Virtual Assault gaming system & to view video of game play please visit my website at:

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