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PS3 Slim heating up?

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  • PS3 Slim heating up?

    Does everyone else's PS3 slim get pretty hot after playing for a little while? Is there a fan I should buy for it or should I not really let it concern me?

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    The PS3 has had a heat issue from the day it was thought up. In early days, the designers had to run it from inside a fridge I am told.

    It is vulnerable to heat if you run it from any location without a LOT of ventilation. Thus inside a cabinet is bad, on a shelf without a lot of space about it bad. I'm even told to keep it regularly dusted to help with heat control.

    Odds are having cool air blowing over it during playing is not a bad thing.
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      As Lesley said, the PS3 has some serious issues with heat due to a seriously inadequete cooling system which was carried over into the slim version. It is highly reccomended that you keep it ventillated and allow maximum airflow on it, otherwise your console will run like a rusted pile of waterlogged crap if not outright fail altogether.
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