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    I finally finished all of the variations of ME2 and it was a great blend of RPG and shooter. The interaction and romance seem to be the draw for the chicks while the combat seems to be the draw for the guys. All in all, it was about 45 hours of fun and action with detailed characters and intriguing missions. I liked the epic nature of saving the galaxy as well as the small missions like helping out a falsely accused shopper. The genre is incredibly detailed, which makes game play more rewarding and immersive. Above all, I liked how the decisions that you made in the first game carried over and had altered the play of the second game.

    And the crazed fangirl groupies are fun too.

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    Thought about buying this game. Good report.
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      Just finished my first run-through. Cannot wait to change classes and do it all over again. You can take this game at whatever pace you like. I finished the entire game and I don't think I even explored half the galaxy.


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        I have to say, I felt the story lacked some compared to the first. It wasn't as cohesive. That said, it was a great game. I'm hoping that ME3 takes the best of both to make one of the best games ever made - all of the underlying work is there I think.
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          2 had a really tough act to follow story wise. It was hard not to be disappointed.


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