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    It's looking pretty damn cool:

    A features list I got off another site:
    John Marston:
    * Marston is the only character you play as
    * Marston's health recovers
    ** Marston's health is represented by the amount of blood on the screen.
    * There is some customization in Marston's appearance
    ** Various outfits can be unlocked or bought
    ** Marston may be able to get his hair cut
    ** There are accessories that Marston is able to wear for a gameplay benefit
    *** The only confirmed one is a bandanna, which helps Marston evade capture if he commits a crime while wearing one
    * Owns a campsite. This is the saving system
    ** Can set up camp anywhere in the wilderness
    *** Can upgrade the campsite from a simple fire and poking stick to more luxurious conditions, such as a tent
    **** Upgrades can play a part in gameplay.
    * Marston has an inventory
    ** His inventory has at least three categories: Consumables, Kit and Provisions.
    *** His kit seems to be his equipment. What his Consumables and Provisions are is unknown. A guess would be Consumables are things meant to be bought and sold and Provisions are things that he has a finite amount of.
    **** Items carried in Marston's Kit:
    * Basic Campsite
    *** "Gives you a place to rest. Refills one ammunition clip."
    * Treasure Map
    * "Shows the location of hidden treasure"
    * Survival Map
    * Wanted Poster
    * Newspaper
    * Improved Campsite
    * Rabbits Foot
    * Binoculars
    * Bandanna
    * Bandolier
    * Double Bandolier
    * Pleasance Deed
    * Letter from Sam
    * Sacred Relic
    * Treasure Box
    * Nosalida Package
    * Other items in Marston's inventory that are sellable, along with their resell value. Could possibly be his "Consumables"
    * Prickly Pears
    * Butterfly Weed
    * Prairie Poppies
    * Golden Currant Leaves
    * Violet Snowdrop leaves
    * Hummingbird Sage Flowers
    * Bat Wings
    * Bear Claws
    * Bear Furs
    * Beaver Meat
    * Bighorn Meat
    * Bighorn Horns
    * Bighorn Skins
    ** Other items that Marston can buy include Bait.
    * Marston controls and feels very similar to Niko, though he moves a little faster and a little more fluidly
    ** In combat scenarios Marston runs at the push of the analog rather than walking as usual.
    * Marston can drink in saloons and bars and can get so drunk he passes out for a few hours
    * Marston can sleep with prostitutes
    * To an extent, weapons and ammunition are represented on the character model.
    * Carries a journal which lists current challenges.
    * Cannot swim. Water kills Marston.

    The World and Everything In It
    * The game map is a large and expansive world
    ** The World is, in total, roughly twice the size of GTA San Andreas
    *** The World is split into three large regions, each larger than GTA IV's Liberty City
    **** Port Elizabeth is the northern-most region, featuring large mountains, forests and snow
    **** New Austin is on the border (on the American side) and features grassy plains
    **** Nuevo Paraiso is in Mexico and is the southern-most region, featuring dry, dusty deserts
    ** There are a variety of settlements and towns
    ** Armadillo
    ** Blackwater
    ** Campo Mirada
    ** Chuparosa
    ** Escalera
    ** Las Hermanas
    ** Manzanita
    ** Tumbleweed
    ** Tzsoro Azul
    ** The shops and services that have been seen in these towns are:
    ** Barber shops
    ** Dentist offices
    ** Gun Stores
    ** General stores
    ** Police Stations
    *** ***** houses
    ** Saloons
    ** There is a working commerce system
    * Caves and mine shafts are confirmed
    * Weather is present.
    ** Rainy weather can form puddles, while exceptionally dry whether can leave the ground dusty
    * Dust devils occasionally kick up
    ** Crescent moons have been seen, leading to a possibility of moon cycles
    ** There are rivers, lakes, ponds and waterfalls
    ** Full day and night system
    *** One full cycle = 25 minutes
    ** There is an active railroad
    ** Every building is enterable
    *** No load times during transition from exterior to interior or vice versa
    * There is an active ecosystem within the game
    ** There are forty animals in the game
    ** Every animal has its own AI
    *** If a pack animal is alone it might run as you approach, but if you approach a pack they will attack
    ** The predators will hunt the prey, including humans
    ** Partial list of confirmed animals:
    * Horse
    * Dog
    * Pig
    * Chicken
    * Bear
    * Deer
    * Vulture
    * Cougar
    * Wolf
    * Coyote
    * Cow
    * Bull
    * Buffalo
    * Bat
    * Beaver
    * Bighorn Sheep
    * Rattlesnake
    ** Vultures will eat the remains of fallen foes

    * NPCs populate the world and behave realistically
    ** Each NPC follows their own routine and way of a life. For example,
    one spend all day working in a blacksmith, then at closing time head
    off to the saloon for a couple drinks before going home.
    *** NPCs will converse with each other
    **** You can converse with NPCs yourself
    ** NPCs can hold grudges. A man you beat up in the saloon may come back later with a gun.
    ** NPC houses can be broken into and robbed
    *** NPCs store possessions in boxes and trunks in their houses.
    ** NPC towns can be wiped out and made into ghost towns
    *** Ghost towns will revive in 2-3 in-game days
    ** In the wilderness rarely a minute passes without seeing some indication of an NPC
    *** NPCs play an important part of free roaming, through random encounters

    ***** Its possible to join a group of NPCs around a campfire and hang
    out and enjoy a narrative set-piece, but theres also the risk of them
    being dangerous bandits.
    ** Allied NPCs are marked with blue markers on the minimap
    *** Enemy NPCs are marked with red markers on the mini map
    **** Lawmen are marked with a red or blue marker (depending on your current standing) but with a white star in the middle
    ***** Gangs have their own markers as well, which lets you track them down
    ****** Wiping out a gang has no bearing on your Wanted level
    ** The corpses of NPCs can be looted
    ** A wide variety of NPC personalities, including savage cannibals and killers
    ** NPCs will offer your random missions
    ** All NPC encounters depend on the time of day, location, your Honor and Fame and what you're wearing
    * Indians are present, though not uncivilized.
    ** Chinese are present as well.

    * Marking a way point destination draws a path on the mini map
    ** There are also arrow signs pointing towards various destinations
    * Three main methods of transport: Horseback, stagecoaches and trains
    ** Passing stagecoaches can be flagged down.
    ** Stagecoaches and trains allow you to take a nap while going on the destination, allowing you to bypass the trip time.
    * Horses have personalities
    ** Wild horses have to be lassoed, broken and saddled before riding
    *** If you're unsuccessful at this the horse will buck you and you can get dragged
    ** Any horse that isn't yours or hasn't been yours for very long will be a little wilder and more difficult to control

    *** A horse thats unfamiliar to you won't respond to a whistle call. A
    horse you've spent time with will come to you when you whistle, and
    will even buck off a thief.
    ** When dismounting a horse you have to tie it up at a post. If you don't it will continue to follow you.
    ** Horses have their own health/energy meter, which is Blue and on the Left side of the mini map
    ** Spurring a horse too much will agitate it enough to buck you
    ** The horse will automatically jump over any obstacle it can
    ** Riding a horse in rough terrain is slower than riding on a trail or road
    *** If you ride too fast in the rough brush it can get agitated and buck you
    **** Theres also a slim chance it can injure itself and become lame
    ** No matter where you are, you can summon your trained horse with a whistle
    ** If your horse dies and you got more than a few minutes without a steed the game will present an opportunity to get one
    ** From a standstill, turning a horse around takes around 10 seconds.
    * Besides train and stagecoach, you can also fast travel from your campsite to any town you have visited.

    * Weapons are period accurate
    * Gunplay
    ** Uses cover system similar to GTA IV
    *** Can snipe while in cover
    *** Can blind fire while in cover
    ** Guns are categorized by the following criteria:
    *** Category, Damage, Fire Rate, Range and Overall Score
    **** Ammo is based not on the model of weapon but on the category (Shotgun, Revolver, Rifle, etc)
    ** Guns have limited ammo capacity
    ** Guns have lower accuracy due to the time period
    ** Gunplay mimics that of Western movies, including exaggerated "stunt man" physics and ultra-precise hat and gun shooting
    ** Different weapons have different firing options
    *** Hold down the trigger on the Mauser pistol for rapid fire
    *** Double tap trigger on the sawed-off shotgun to fire both barrels
    ** Gun play is weightier and more satisfying than GTA IV
    * Melee, both armed and unarmed
    * Thrown weapons
    ** Thrown weapons are lobbed and the arc they follow is used to determine targeting
    * Stationary weapons
    ** Cannon
    ** Gatling Gun
    * Lasso
    ** The lasso has various uses including:
    *** Tying up NPCs
    *** Capturing NPCs
    *** Pulling NPCs from horses
    *** Dragging NPCs behind your horse
    *** Lassoing wild horses to break them and make them rideable
    *** Lassoing bulls for bull riding.
    *** Pulling an NPC towards you and disemboweling them with the knife
    * Dead-Eye
    ** Dead-Eye Targeting is a three-level system that allows the player to slow or stop time and more accurately place shots
    *** The first level is a simple slow-down bullet time mode
    *** The second level automatically places targets when aiming at enemies, which then fire off at once
    *** The third level allows the player to place targets wherever he pleases with full control
    ** Dead-Eye has its own meter which drains when used but regenerates by killing foes. The meter is Red and is positioned on the right side of the mini-map.
    ** Dead-Eye can be used with weapons outside of guns, such as Throwing Knives.
    ** Dead-Eye can be used on horseback.
    * Environmental aspects
    ** Shooting dynamite barrels causes an explosion
    ** Shooting oil lanterns causes a burst of fire
    ** Shooting hanging lanterns causes fire to fall
    *** Shooting hanging lanterns also darkens the area, if they're the only light source.
    * NPCs react to gunshots and attacks in various ways
    ** Location based damage. Specific reactions to gut, back, leg, arm and torso shots.
    *** A gut shot will make the NPC crawl on the ground and slowly bleed out
    ** Horses will spew a jet of blood when shot due to higher blood pressure
    *** Horses will rear up if a fire starts beneath them, possibly dumping their rider.
    *** Horses will get spooked by gunshots and might dump their rider.
    **** Their rider's foot may get caught in the stirrup and they might be dragged off.
    * Shooting from horseback is possible but is less accurate
    * Aiming is primarily a lock-on system.
    ** When your weapon is drawn a crosshair is on screen, except when reloading. This allows for free-aim

    When pressing the lock-on button the camera zooms in close to
    Marston and the crosshair snaps to the nearest target. You still have
    full control and can aim elsewhere while zoomed.
    * When coming
    across a gun fight, the icons of fighters will flash red and blue on
    the map. Shooting someone makes you an enemy to their side and an ally
    to the other side.
    * Equippable weapons laying around are marked with a glint or shine.

    * Three stats regarding Notoriety: Fame, Honor, Wanted Level
    ** Fame
    ** Stat tracking how well known you are
    ** Never decreases
    ** Higher fame opens up more missions
    ** Having high enough fame means you can settle some disputes with words rather than fighting.
    ** Honor
    ** Stat tracking how honorable or dishonorable you are
    ** Represented by a meter that wraps around the bottom of the mini map.
    ** The red end is dishonor, the green is honor.
    *** Doing the honorable thing in a situation nets an increase in honor.
    Attempting to do the honorable thing but failing will earn less honor,
    but still some. Doing the dishonorable thing will decrease your honor.
    **** An example situation is coming across a hostage situation. Saving
    the hostage earns the most honor, trying but failing to save the
    hostage earns a little honor, killing the hostage removes honor.
    *** Depending on your fame, your honor will affect how NPCs react to John.
    **** Being honorable earns discounts at stores and the law men will be more likely to turn a blind eye for minor crimes.

    **** Being dishonorable means higher prices at stores and lawmen
    keeping a closer eye on you. NPCs will fear you and will avoid you.
    ** Wanted Level
    *** Breaking the law puts a bounty on Marston's head
    **** Being spotted by a civilian can earn you a bounty if they tell Law Enforcement
    ***** Witnesses are marked by a flashing "eye" icon on the minimap.
    *** Various crimes come with various prices, which are added to your bounty
    **** Example crimes:
    ***** Horse Slaughter
    ***** Murder of a Law Man
    *** There are two stages of your Wanted Status
    **** The immediate stage involves having to escape a red circle. The
    circle is full of pursuing law men. Being spotted centers the circle
    around you. Escaping the circle means you can return to town unharmed,
    but your bounty remains.
    * Wearing a bandanna over your face
    when committing a crime disguises you and lets you escape quickly once
    you remove it, but your bounty will remain.
    * The long-term
    stage is in the form of your bounty. As long as you have a price on
    your head you will be pursued by bounty hunters. The bigger the bounty
    the more hunters come after you, sometimes with posses.
    *** Having a large bounty on your head equates to having more fame.

    *** The ways to remove your bounty include bribing a law man, paying it
    off yourself (by wiring money via a telegraph station) or doing work
    for the law men which nets you a pardon letter.

    * Game progresses through the three regions in the following order: New Austin, then Nuevo Paraiso, then Port Elizabeth.
    * Set in 1908, during the death of the Wild West

    Side missions:
    * Bounty Hunting
    ** Initiated by tearing a Wanted Poster from the wall
    ** Bounty is marked by a Red Skull on the mini map
    ** Most have a Dead or Alive option, with bringing them Alive netting a larger reward
    ** Incapacitate and hog tie a bounty to bring them in alive
    ** The more bounty missions you do the higher the rewards get and the more difficult they get.
    ** Showing a preference for Bounty Hunting missions after Treasure Hunting ones results in the game offering more of them.
    * Treasure Hunting
    ** Initiated by simply searching
    ** Use a roughly drawn map to find a landmark near the treasure
    ** Treasure can include gold bars and additional maps
    ** Showing a preference for Treasure Hunting missions after Bounty Hunting ones results in the game offering more of them.
    * Poker
    * Blackjack
    * Five-Finger Fillet
    ** Consists of pressing the face button flashed on screen quickly and accurately at an increasing pace
    * Horseshoes
    * Deputy Patrol
    ** Patrol a town at night with the aide of a guard dog
    * Bull Riding
    ** Initiated by lassoing a bull
    * Mugging
    * Burglary
    ** Involves entering an NPC's house and stealing their possessions.
    * Cattle herding
    * Hunting
    ** Furred animals can be skinned, feathered animals can be plucked
    ** Skinning leaves a mutilated carcass
    ** Skinning is done off camera, though it can be heard
    ** Hunting all forty animals nets a reward outfit
    ** Can purchase bait for use in hunting
    * Plant gathering
    ** Initiated by picking plants and flowers
    ** Plants can be sold to doctors to make medicine
    * Bird Sharpshooting
    ** Initiated by shooting a vulture
    ** Prompts to shoot the rest of the pack within the time limit
    ** Builds up fame
    ** Ascending levels
    * Bank Robbing
    ** Initiated by having a gun drawn in a bank
    * Dueling
    ** Can't duel everybody (like old women), but you can duel other gunslingers

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    New video:


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      I love this game!!!


      • #4
        It looks amazing! I liked Red Dead Revolver, but that wasn't open world like this one! How big is the game world, I forgot.
        "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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          I just got it from my brother's friend and it's so much fun! Playing poker is one of my favorite things, and I usually do good in Armadillo. I like hunting for a while and then selling off the stuff at Armadillo or MacFarlane's Ranch.

          Does anyone know if you like sell some deer hide at a tailor-if it will be worth more than a general store?
          "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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            RDR is the second best game to be release this year in my mind.


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              Originally posted by jayedub7423 View Post
              RDR is the second best game to be release this year in my mind.
              I agree-it's a huge open world game, filled with smart AI (including animals), interesting plot twists, etc. The single player is pretty long, and even if you finish that-you can still basically do the same stuff-like hunting and selling stuff, killing rapists in Armadillo, night watch jobs in Blackwater, MacFarlane's Ranch, Chuparosa, etc. But then you can also play online...which turns out differently all the time.

              It was stupid though because I was just riding along and a human player kills me-bummer-it happens in multiplayer-so I find him, and kill him. Here's what he says in private message(s):

              the player:"fuk off kid I actually want to play the game"
              Me:"u killed me first"
              the player:"no"
              Me:"You lie"

              then amazes me how someone could be that stupid in a game.
              "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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                I have been involved in ONE game these past few years, MLB The Show, for the PS3. Actually got my name in the CREDITS for the 2010 game as I've been invited several times to the Sony Studios in La Jolla, CA as sort of a tester/adviser on the game, but....a friend talked me into Dead Red Redemption.

                Absolutely addictive. Beautiful graphics and environments (these alone make it enjoyable), and the game is free roam HUGE. Took me the better part of 2 months to play through the game.


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                  This game is very good, nice story and good missions. The only thing thats get old after several hours in the hunting for hides to sell.
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                    Originally posted by SAS View Post
                    This game is very good, nice story and good missions. The only thing thats get old after several hours in the hunting for hides to sell.
                    Yeah, gotta agree that it does get a little boring doing that...that's why I like to get bait and go to random parts of the map...pour it over the ground, pull out my Repeater Carbine, Winchester Repeater, or Springfield rifle and get some game I don't see just riding around on my horse.

                    I like the spontaneity in the game, like how sometimes while walking around Armadillo-a man will try to kill a prostitute right near you, or the shopkeeper will beg you to do something with the robber, or a bear near Manzanita Post will come and kill you off your horse
                    "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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                      This is all good news. I'll have to pick it up!!!


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                        This is probably the single console game that is on my must-buy list. For better or worse I have a lot of other games in front of it, but Red Dead Redemption is unquestionably the only console game I really think I must have this year. (which is almost over. <sigh> but there's always next year.)
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                          Yeah-wait a while-the price will go down, and it'll still be the same game in a while.
                          "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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                            Or you could just rent it at your local Blockbuster.....


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                              I wonder why they left out prostitutes... They're a time-honored Rockstar/GTA tradition... I guess the character supposed to be to moral for that...
                              "This life..., you know, "the life." You’re not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you don’t shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



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