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  • PS 2 Owner Ready for Next Generation Platform

    I'm leaning toward a PS 3 because:
    1. I want to play Killzone 2 online
    2. I want to play Street Fighter IV
    3. Guys at GameStop are discouraging me from Xbox 360 because of 30% failure rate for units sold at the store

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    I own both the PS3 and the XBOX 360.

    The 360 has many more titles available than the PS3.
    It has a far superior online experience (you do have to pay like 5 bucks a month for it though)
    The dowloadable content is much better than the PS3s. There are all kinds of arcade games that you can purchase for 5-20 dollars.
    However it is the worst piece of hardware I have ever owned. It's loud, it has broken on me 3 times in the last 2 years, and it constantly scratches my disks if it's not completely level.

    The PS3 is a much better engineered console in my opinion.
    It's also a great BLURAY player (which is a plus if you have a fancy HD TV like me)
    There are plenty of great games for it (although not as many as the 360)
    It uses blue tooth for the wireless controllers which is much easier to get recognized than the 360s.
    It is backwards compatable with PS1 games. (Some earlier models you could play PS2 games on but newer ones dropped the support)

    However the PS3 does not have the same online community that the 360 does. It's present and free but it isn't as fleshed out as the XBOXs.
    It's more expensive than a 360.

    Overall I prefer my PS3 but the volume of games on the 360 is not something to sneeze at. If you do buy a 360, be sure to get an extended warranty because it's a pain in the ass to get the red ring of death and be left without support for it.

    As an added benefit, if you own a PSP you can link it to the PS3 and upload or download any Playstation one games between the two. Yesterday I bought Final Fantasy 7 for ten dollars from the Playstation Store. I have it on both my PSP and the PS3. So I can play it on the road or at home whenever I want.

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      Originally posted by MonsterZero View Post
      I'm leaning toward a PS 3 because:
      1. I want to play Killzone 2 online
      2. I want to play Street Fighter IV
      3. Guys at GameStop are discouraging me from Xbox 360 because of 30% failure rate for units sold at the store

      I own a ps3 60 Hz model which is convinient because I can play my old PS2 games on the consol but unfortanility they don't make them anymore so you have to go for the 40 Hz or the 80 Hz don't ask me what the difference is I just know 60 Hz lets you play PS2 games I have to say has very good graphics I havn't got it connected for online play so can not tell you if it's any good but still a very good consol havn't had any trouble with t accept for one of the controlers I have is a little dicky but I have had it for 2 years now and is still working good


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        Rumors I'm hearing say that by September there's going to be a $100 price drop.


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          The PS3 is more expensive but if you want to buy online subscription and a lot of peripherals the PS3 already comes with (Blu-ray, free online, wireless re-chargable controllers, built-in router, etc), controller batteries, etc over time you eventually end up paying *more* for the 360.

          I'd like to have a 360 (because of some games) but I refuse to pay that much for a console that is incredibly prone to breakdowns...there is no excuse for this from Micro$oft IMHO. Many of my friends are gamers and know of only ONE X-box 360 owner who has not had to return his defective 360 to the factory for repairs, or buy another one.

          The PS3 has fewer games but keep in mind the 360 came out a year or so earlier than the PS3, and the PS3 is just now starting to get some really good exclusive games, and PlayStation staples like Gran Turismo adn Final Fantasy have not been released yet for the PS3 but eventually will be. Killzone 2, Assassin's Creed (sequel coming out), Metal Gear Solid 4, etc are all great games for the PS3

          I'm not a big fan of downloadable content because games are already 60-70 bucks and it's just a way to milk more cash out of you to buy the latest map pack or whatever.


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            it's amazing how sony have been able to keep there old consols on the market and still be able to make the consols and games for them and still be able to make a good turnover since I got my PS2 which was second hand I have had no problems with it even when it fell off a shelf it still worked perfectly so sony is deffently better to go for reliability, user friendly and pretty good graphics


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              I got myself a PS3 60 I had about 30 PS2 games I wanted to still be able to play!

              My son has the PS2 in his room ,and the PS3 is in the living room - hooked up the the Hd tv!!

              I did have to get it off ebay though, although I did manage to save a bit over the new 80 gig model!!

              Not sure what I'd have got if I'd not been too bothered about my PS2 games though!!!


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