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    Swords and Soldiers

    UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – June 8, 2009 – You are about to meet the largest peppers in your life! Swords & Soldiers is out!

    At long last Ronimo Games releases their highly anticipated Swords & Soldiers. The game is available in America for WiiWare on June the 8th 2009. 1000 Wii Points will get you a fresh and innovative side scrolling realtime strategy game with lots and lots of tactic peppermowing, barbecue action and epic fights for sauce and glory.

    There's the Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese factions, each with their own very unique units and spells. They can battle it out across 30 campaign levels. In single player skirmishes against an AI or in the splitscreen multiplayer against a friend! During the campaigns, players can also unlock challenge modes which twists the gameplay into exciting highscore challenges. To top it all off, there's an achievement system to track your awesomeness in the world of Swords & Soldiers!

    Also, the secret code contest is now open for NTSC regions! If you want to win one of the Swords & Soldiers goodie bags, make sure you get all 25 achievements and unlock your unique secret code. But make sure you are fast, only the first three secret code submitters win the prize! For PAL regions, the first few winners have already been chosen, and we sent out their goodies today. Both regions will also receive a second round of goodie-giving, so keep on sending those codes! Check for submission info.

    About Swords & Soldiers
    Swords & Soldiers is the first side-scrolling strategy game on Wii, allowing for accessible and deep gameplay, a clear overview of the battlefield, and most importantly, for our artists to show off their beard-drawing skills. Players can choose from three powerful and unique factions as they let loose their armies and cast awesome spells to destroy the enemies' castle. Swords & Soldiers is developed and published by Ronimo Games.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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