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Microsoft - Project Natal

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  • Microsoft - Project Natal

    Holy friggin cow...

    If they can pull this off, wow... (and, by most accounts, they killed at E3)

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    I'd like to see the shooter games when you don't know how to reload a certain weapon
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      it looks awesome, my only problem is how there gonna implement it to the serous gaming crowd
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        I see the porn industry having a great time with this technology.

        Not sure what the gamer is going to do with it.

        I'm still waiting to see if Onlive works or not.
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          If they can even pull of half of what they are claiming, so long as it is mass produced it will be revolutionary. Though I do agree, I'm not seeing the serious gaming crowd accepting it right away, imagining the next COD with project Natal isn't an easy thing. Anyone hear word yet of an expected release date?
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