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  • Prototype

    This is the only third-person action game that I have ever taken an interest in:


    It looks like wicked fun. I'm definitely getting it from Steam for the PC. It is also available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
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    I checked out the downloadable video.

    Man talk about the gore the violence the gore, the blood, did I mention the gore

    Graphics looked alright, but man was there ever a lot of gore (ooh I mentioned that did I hehe).

    Nice game to shoot up, blow up, assimilate and generally take a good solid rampage through New York.
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      That's what caught my interest. I'm a strategy gamer at heart, as I love games that make me sit and think for a bit (such as chess, my preferred poison). But every now and then, I want to just lose myself in a game for some mindless fun. I used to do that with FPS, but even that genre has become more thoughtful and intense over the years.

      Prototype seems to have a refreshingly original story combined with gameplay centered on mindless violence. G4TV's preview had a comment that sums up exactly what I am looking for:

      If you are having a bad day this game is a giant stress reliever potentially making Prototype the feel-good game of the year. Prototype will make you smile for all the wrong reasons and is something to play in a room full of friends. It’s packed with “did you just see that?” action and the story seems interesting enough to give the campaign some staying power.

      Read more: "'Prototype' Hands-On Preview & Exclusive Mission Video -" -
      I haven't played a game like that in far too long.

      BTW: if you thought the game preview was gory, you really shouldn't watch the opening movie:

      I don't often say this (40K is my only exception), but I think the premise for this game would make for a fairly decent movie. I could sit through two hours of this stuff!
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        If you really like the game then and if you have a PS3 you might want to pick up INfamous


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          I found Prototype to be a lot of fun. Nothing deep, but just a great game to play with friends. The carnage can be hilarious at times!
          Burke's Joystick: Because Edmund Burke would have been a gamer.


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