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What is the best gaming console and why?

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  • What is the best gaming console and why?


    I wanna buy a gaming console and I hope you'll help me to decide. I do not have a lot of money, so price is important. However, quality is more important to me. So, what is the best one now and why?

    Thanks for help!!!!!

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    Well, the one with the best selection of games is the Xbox360. The difference in tech specs, outside of the Blu-Ray drive, between that and the PS3 isn't worth discussion. The Xbox Live platform is well implemented if you want that kind of thing altough it costs unlike the Sony version, but that is rather ad hoc by comparison. The Wii seems to have a different design ethos from what I gather. If gaming is all you want it for go for the Xbox360, if you want something more media capable you might choose the PS3. Bizarrely that's a complete flip-flop from the last generation of consoles. Oh, if you want to keep fit, go with the Wii.
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      Cheap fun, no programs to buy and the AI in the game is hard to beat. See who can get the most flies with one swat always adds more interest,
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        I got the PS3 180g for christmas and love it. However Xbox is more cost effective if you are not picking up the bill.
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          according to me ps2 is so much better and affordable than ps3


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            In the realm of consoles only.

            It appears that X-Box gains more commpliments on it's games. And PS3 more compliments on it's hardware.

            I guess it depends on your priorities.

            I would pick the PS3 so I could do all the non gaming things as well. You get a blueray movie player in the process.

            But some people can only see the gaming reasons.

            If you've never owned a PS2, I think logic says buy one modded and have a blast catching up with everyone that has played a few years of good Playstation games.
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              According to me the best gaming console is play station 2. because it is the game who have live like graphics,easy and affordable to play various games.
              and i use to play 2 to 4 times in a week. try it and i hope you will also enjoy it as well

              Thanks For Reading This


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                Which platform???

                Tell me as I'm sooo fedup with the awful controllability of actiongames on the pc. Everybody is probabaly in agreement that flicking arround on small keyboard nobs, just isnt fun. Also when a joystick is used, they have quirks often and you end up using the keyboard anyway!

                So, enough I said, and I'm looking at the X-box360 elite(just under 300 euros), and the Playstation3 (just under 400 euro's).

                Which one would you get, and why???

                I know that the playstation3 has the blu-ray player, and as I have a new 32inch flatscreen (which supports only HDMI tech, does this mean that only the xbox-360 elite 120mg, is good to plug up and take advantage of my tv)?

                Please help me guys!!!

                Yours truly,
                mr poundr.
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