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Is it the machine or the games?

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  • Is it the machine or the games?

    I am just curious (ok read that as vexed) to know if it is the Nintendo DS's image that is the barrier, or if it is the seemingly large array of games made for it that have a predisposition for looking like kiddie looking titles.

    Sooooomething has to be making it hard for me to discuss this hand held on sites that are mainly my age group (instead of largely teens which only happens on sites more closer to just about gaming).

    Yeah I don't want to play My Pet pony. I don't want to play Imagine whatever profession. And I don't wish to learn a language in a grade schooler's fashion.

    But the list of adult oriented titles is steadily growing.
    And the recent Commander Europe at War for DS has effectively killed the lament "oh we can't afford to make wargames for the DS".
    Sorry that argument no longer works. Go look at my thread that has all the fine screen shots. it's clear they didn't release a worth sham of a clone as well.

    So what is it exactly?
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    I think its a little of both. I don't think that the DS graphics has improvd much since the Advance, or in some cases the GB colour. I feel that the units are way to blocky when playing most overview games like Age of Empires, The FPS are better like metroid prime are better in graphics but thats only a small portion.

    I also find that the DS is meant to target the Kids and young teens because i have found very few games that would intrigue me to play with a few exceptions. I also find the same with the Wii.
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      I would have agreed with you totally in 2006.

      In 2007 there was a nice shift and now in 2009 there is actually a nice selection of titles I don't think will be mistaken as teen titles realistically.

      But as far as graphics, I guess every machine has to cope with being compared to the big flashy consoles.

      Fortunately the games I call adult titles have never given much interest in graphics to some extent.

      Steel Horizon, greta game, graphics are simple, doesn't make the game less fun.
      Age of Empires and the second release for that line are nice to a point. The graphics are limited, but a 2-3" screen will do that

      Panzer Tactics is a nice wargame, and the latest release from Slitherine is even better (Commander Europe at War). But the screen size will always be a factor.

      I tried Brothers in Arms for the DS but my only real reaction was "they can't be serious, the screen is just too small to make this worthwhile" not to mention the manual dexterity challenge involved. The graphics were great for the size though.

      Slitherine plans to market their Napoleon title as well for the Commander series. I plan to get that as well. Some have regarded it as a bit too beer and pretzels, but that can be a good quality in the right conditions.
      They also have a Rome era game, but I think that was targeting the younger crowd.

      We grognards need to be more vocal if we want things more in line with our wants.
      Currently mobile gaming for a grog seems to require a micro laptop so that we can just not leave the confines of a true PC. But I would rather they made games for grogs on machines meant to play games too.
      Life is change. Built models for decades.
      Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
      I didn't for a long time either.


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        I know what you mean, I never got a DS simply because I waited for about a year and still never saw many games worth buying a DS for. As to why they don't make them I think part of it is because of the stereotype for the average age of someone with a DS being a kid, the other part might be because developers simply want that extra power given by making their games for the pc or for a console. With the graphics quality on the DS I could understand that also.
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