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  • Old Schooling For Awhile

    I pulled out the old Genesis and looked for some old titles. What I found was surprising.

    First HALLELUIA! I finally found a sub simulator for console. 688 has proven to be a fun real time sub sim although there was one annoying spot where a typhoon I was tracking evaded EIGHT, COUNT "EM, EIGHT Mk48 ADCAPs! And it was in a trench! Somehow I doubt that would have happened in real life. Also beware, your sonar rarely hears torpedoes coming in from behind, even when you are at a dead stop. But, torpedo frustration aside, the game is loads of fun for the technical gamer. Use of real sub tactics: sprint and drift, diving below thermals, crazy ivans, and the like, is a must. You can even command a Russian Alfa (but beware, your controls are in Russian). Also found a surprisingly addictive sailing game called Uncharted Waters. One thing I love about Koei games. They turn you lose and let you decide how you want to win. In this game you can trade 'n raid your way up the ranks toward nobility. Being a merchant was surprisingly fun. You can discover new ports, take a look at their resources and work up some profit. Of course, I wouldn't be true to my namesake if I didn't do a little piratin'! Turns out I should have waited until I had a bigger boat.

    Lethal Enforcers was fun to play again. I was surprised to see they put it on Genesis. Battletech and Battleship proved to be far better sounding and looking on the SNES console but Paperboy 2 was alright.

    Centurion: Defender of Rome looked kind of fun but proved to be disappointing as your soldiers pretty much fight like women (no offense ladies!) and will lose all but the most unmatched battles. 2 to 1 with a superior formation and obviously a superior army and I took 70% losses! Not the legion of history that's for sure.
    A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

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