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Operation Darkness for the XBOX 360....

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  • Operation Darkness for the XBOX 360....

    Has anyone else checked out this upcoming game yet. Not for everyone, but it just may be a good one to pick up in late June. It's a strat RPG pitting supernatural and regular Allied soldiers against German soldiers, tanks and their supernatural forces in grid based battles from Africa to Normandy and beyond.

    The camera angle is'nt the best, but the action, weapons and story does seem rather good enough to get this one, at least for me anyways!!

    Cheers, thoughts ladies and gentlemen?


    Think Vampires, Werewolves, zombies and "regular" sodiers taking on tanks and infrantry with small arms and Bazookas and some basic spells, plus a type of overwatch cover system as well!!
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    NOT SO GOOD reviews so far on this game, but it is'nt released yet for the general public, but it is coming up pretty quick!! Either way I'll give my "take" on this game here when I get to play it next week.

    Cheers, is anyone else thinking of picking this one up? It's starting to sound like this will be as hard as Allied General, Russian campaign, and you just know I a challange!! LOL




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      A very fun and interesting game I have here!!!

      As suspected the reviews got it wrong again........ No surprise there for those who follow up on this kind of thing!!

      I'm not to far along but I am liking it so far, just made it out of Africa now, and I just saw some "other" supernatural forces finally in main mission 3!!

      Cheers, more when I get farther along here.



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        I'm on mision 6 now

        And it is getting better and better, I expect some heavy German armour contact in this one, so it's time to break out the Panzerfausts and Bazookas fairly quickly here, this one will be pretty hard I think. And all just to capture "The needle" a German spy in a village, very !!!




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          Then there was that Wittmann fellow and his cat

          in mission 8, now that was fun to do, you don't go toe to toe with his Tiger per say, but you do "play" with (at) him until something happens......

          Cheers, Great game here guys!!



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