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Arrr! - Death By Cutscene

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  • Arrr! - Death By Cutscene

    Okay, we all know Death by Camera Angle - the act of getting oneself killed, usually in a Resident Evil game, because the camera angle was more cinematic than practical and you couldn't see your adversary.

    But I just discovered one even more annoying: Death by Cutscene. I describe this as the character doing something incredibly stupid during a cutscene and leaving you to try and get yourself out of a situation you would never have let yourself get into if you had the controls.

    I was playing a PS2 "Greatest Hit" by the name of Onimusha. Basically it's Resident Evil in feudal Japan. Seemed like a novel concept. But in addition to the horrors of demon samurai, a laughable looking (and talking) ogre with a samurai helmet and spiked club, and the greatest danger of all: the clunky controls, I came across the frustration of Death By Cutscene.

    The main character, Samanosuke, apparently hasn't had very much sword training. Because every time a bunch of demon samurai enter the cutscene, he thinks the best strategy is to stare at them like Bruce Lee and do nothing until they surround him. Then I get the controls. Rather than letting me do the smart thing, go sling blade on these bozos while they're walking up the corridor - all in front of me in a nice neat row, I am forced to fight while surrounded. The results are predictably injurious.

    Another problem with the game is some enemies jump out and jab you before you can raise your guard. Since you cannot move while on guard (another flaw) you are forced to take the damage. In a game where enemies can infinitely regenerate in some areas but the health boosts are finite and rare this is not a kosher practice.

    Not the best title I've come across.
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    Sounds like lazy programming to me.

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