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  • Halo 3 medals

    what medals in Halo 3 do you have in machmaking.
    I have 3 percictions, a killtack rampage and untocuable

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    I have the simple stuff, I've only been playing for about three months.

    Too close to the sun

    Fear the Pink mist

    Killing Frenzy!

    Double laser kill!

    Sniper Killing Spree!

    Zombie Killing Spree!

    Splatter spree!

    I have the normal begining stuff...
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      If your counting both ranked and unranked matches (no custom games) then i pretty much have everything except for a 10-kill sniper spree and a 10-kill splatter spree. For anyone viewing this that doesn't know, you can log in on to see your medals and how many of them you've acquired.
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