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  • halo fanfic trilogy

    I have just been on bungie and found a fanic [fan fiction] series; all i have to say is................................................ ....................WHAT THE HECK
    a trilogy about the arbiter and miranda in love;wht the heck I don't like for these resons
    1.two different species
    2.the arbiters real name is dove
    3.master ceif and an elite not beating each others brains out
    4.why when the arbiter and miranda have little mutant babies the cheif dose not as they say on a show step on it and start shooting it
    5.horribl plot
    and.....well just read it on bungie by on there website read the trliogy by typing miranda on the search icon it's the first one

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    Thats fanfic for you.


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      Lame!!!!!! Lol


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        ah fanfics, when people who know too much about or not enough about a movie/book/tv show decide to rewrite in a way they like it
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          The only thing that could have made that interesting is if they included a photo of what their mutant baby might have looked like... You can do some unusual things using MS paint or photoshop.
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