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    Alright I'm looking to get a PSP to take on trips and just to play when I don't have anything to do on the weekends or after work. I was wondering if you guys recommend any games that I should look for when I go out to buy some.
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    The only useful recommendation I can offer is get a Nintendo DS instead.

    It had 10 times as many games, and it also has Panzer Tactics so you can't call the DS a kiddie toy either.

    I'm not saying the PSP can't do what it does, but they release games for the DS nearly DAILY, can the PSP claim that?
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      I'm new to my PSP as well, but the two I'm enjoying are Medal of Honor: Heroes and Spiderman. Fun games, for the limited time I've spent with them so far. I've heard good things about the Star Wars entries, as well.

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        I would go with Fireteam Bravo
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          I have been using PSP last two years and I love m Portable PSP. and My favorite game are..
          Street fighter
          Need for speed
          Valkyria Chronicles 2
          Resident Evil Portable
          Final Fantasy Agito XIII


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