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    Now I'm sure this isn't 100% sanctioned or licensed by SSI or whoever owns that brand name nowadays (Ubisoft?)... but I ran across a port of Panzer General (cleverly re-named "Panzer Assault") for the PalmOS:

    The guy wants $20 for the full version... however, the download/demo version available on that page has at least a couple scenarios that can be played (Poland, Sidi Barrani). And it even looks like you can play the rest, but there is a "nag screen" of sorts overlaid so the display is a bit munged.

    However... if you've a Palm and are in need of a quick PG fix, this might do in a pinch.

    He also has a couple other strategy games on the site that look kind of interesting.
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    Ok... here's a free download of the full version:


    Does not seem to have any "shareware" limitations. Also not apparently the latest version available from the previous site, but still looks pretty good (if a bit small on the tiny, tiny screen!).


    EDIT: Um... not sure why the URL is getting filtered. Asterisked portion is "t r e o" (sans spaces, naturally). Is that a bad word? This one should do the trick, too:
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