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What do you want NEXT for wargame on the DS?

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  • What do you want NEXT for wargame on the DS?

    Ok the wait is over, Panzer Tactics is finally here.

    Now we have it as well as Age of Empires, Steel Horizon, Advance Wars Dual Strike (I think that sums up the turn based selection).

    What next?

    What do you want to see materialize next if a snap of the fingers was all that was needed. Keep in mind I am limiting this question to turn based wargames that can be similar to the above. I'm not interested in whether we get more shooters for instance.

    Myself, I want at least one ancients title, something Roman Legion era maybe.
    A nappy title, a civil war title not unlike PT or Age of Empires.
    But I reeeeeally want a Squad Leader wanna be. Or dare I say it, something not too far from Close Combat maybe.
    Possibly something like Tank Beat, but maybe with an interface that doesn't need three hands and both screens simultaneously to enjoy
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