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  • More TBS for the DS

    Besides Panzer Tactics and Civilization, it looks like more TBS games are on their way for DS fans, including:

    Jagged Alliance
    Disciples II

    I used to love Warlords II when it was new and there was nothing better around. But a year or two ago, I bought Warlords IV from a discount bin and regretted it; as near as I could figure, it was broken (but I only thought that because I kept getting mercilessly clobbered and was having no fun at all).

    Never saw Jagged Alliance.

    Bought Disciples II for my older PC, and I really got into it for a long while. May go back to it again. The tactical battles are a little too rigid and abstract for my taste, but it's a great strategy game, and the magic system is about the best I've ever seen in a game (my only complaint is that one gets tired of having to recast the same old protection spells turn after turn for armies going into battle; it'd be nice if some of those spells lasted longer or were permanent).

    Good news all around. 'Scuse me now while I go look up Jagged Alliance.
    --Patrick Carroll

    "Do all you have agreed to do, and do not encroach on other persons or their property." (Richard Maybury)

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