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A look at the PS3...

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    A look at the PS3...

    With the impending release of Dead Rising I'm very very close to going out and grabbing an XBox 360, especially as things look murkier and murkier for the PS3. However I thought this ign article was interesting.

    Actually, I don't know how good the whole article is, I just got to this:

    Chris Roper: Sony certainly has its work cut out in order to stay in the dominant position it's in. Microsoft has a year head start and will see its second-generation titles compete against Sony's first. Nintendo will introduce the Wii at roughly the same time, giving gamers a much cheaper option for a new platform. And there's the whole Wii60 idea going around...

    The main concern for many people right now I think, including numerous publishers and developers, is the PS3's price. Five or six-hundred dollars is a lot to ask for a gaming console -- plus, you still have to go out and pay $60+ a pop.

    Gamers are blaming the high cost on numerous aspects of the system, be it the Cell, Blu-ray drive, HDD inclusion or whatever else, but I have to say that I think it's a good deal. Consider that I paid $400 for my 360 and then had to drop another $100 on the WiFi adaptor. For another $100 I could have a PS3 that would also include a Blu-ray drive, an extra 40GB of HDD space, 100% backwards compatibility and more. Really, I don't think the PS3 is overpriced at all, but the problem is that most people do. And even if they don't, can they afford it?

    Jeremy Dunham: I agree with you on the price issue Rope. I think it's certainly the touchiest aspect. $500-600 is a lot of money, but the value there is enormous (as it is with most game systems). Just look the price of other high-end electronics. The new top iPods are $400 bucks, stand-alone Blu-ray players are $800-plus, and larger plasma TVs are $3000 and up.

    Judging by how quick these things fly off the shelves, it's obvious that consumers have and will part with their money to get the latest high-tech thingamajig.

    I think that's actually a very rational and smart look at the price of the PS3.

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